CVD diagnostic testing presents unique challenges

CVD diagnostic testing presents unique challenges and you need the right partner to overcome them.

With an increased prevalence of chronic and infectious diseases, there is greater urgency to enhance our understanding of how to approach effective treatment and prevention. We are working with laboratories to connect and evaluate various data sets to uncover new ideas. These insights enable Roche to develop innovative high-value assays designed to tailor treatments to individual patient needs, supporting earlier and more accurate diagnosis of disease.

Now more than ever, there is a need for evidence-based, personalised healthcare. Diagnostics can play a leading role in enabling healthcare professionals to detect, monitor and drive the overall fight against disease, especially as patients, clinicians and payers continuously focus more on health outcomes and value-based care.

Partner with the pioneers for earlier, more confident clinical decision making.

Roche has been the pioneer in in vitro diagnostic tests for CVD decision making for over 30 years.  Our focus on cardiovascular diseases is continuous, as we are constantly enhancing our solutions to support earlier and more confident clinical decision making, improved patient management, and increased efficiency and cost management.