Digital technologies in cardiac disease management

Interview with Frank Desiere, Head of Digital Health Solutions Roche Diagnostics International (RDI)

In a conversation with Frank Desiere, Head of Digital Health Solutions in Roche Diagnostics, we addressed the current and future role of digital health technologies in cardiac disease management.

“I think digital health solutions and cardiovascular disease management are a natural fit”, says Frank,“ not just because cardiac conditions have such a high prevalence and societal costs, but because today we can already measure cardiac relevant biological signals continuously or almost continuously; including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rhythm, etc.”

We already have some great examples. There is great progress in the area of digital health in cardiac today: Diagnosis with the help of patches or digital biomarkers and remote patient monitoring to help manage patients at home are just two of many interesting initiatives in this field.

Healthcare platforms and ecosystems are set to become part of the next revolution in healthcare. What should this look like in the future? Watch the interview to find out. 


A few interesting questions that Frank addresses in the interview


  • How can digital health technologies help improve cardiac patient care? 
  • How can the industry contribute to building a sustainable ecosystem to drive innovation in cardiac diagnostics?
  • How can healthcare systems and healthcare institutions globally keep up with the innovation seen in other sectors?
  • What is the difference between “normal” biomarkers and digital biomarkers and where candigital biomarkers bring innovation in cardiac patient care?
  • How did COVID-19 accelerate the adoption of digital biomarkers and innovation in digital health?
  • Looking into the future, what would be the biggest achievement in digital cardiac disease management, in a few years from now? 
Key facts
  • There has been great progress in digital health in cardiac 
  • Healthcare platforms and ecosystems are set to become part of the next revolution in healthcare, to serve as a as gatekeeper and driver for future health markets
  • Keeping up with the trends in digital health for healthcare organizations and decision makers is critical
  • Five years from now the quality of life for a significant number of cardiac patients could possibly be improved due to digital solutions