IRIDS - International Roche Infectious Diseases Symposium


IRIDS - International Roche Infectious Diseases Symposium

24 - 26 September, 2018 in Vienna, Austria

The International Roche Infectious Diseases Symposium (IRIDS) is an invitation-only Infectious Diseases (ID) conference sponsored by Roche Diagnostics. This biennial symposium, provides a forum for world-renowned academics and clinicians, to share their insights, debate and discuss, the most current and emerging topics in Infectious Diseases (ID) management and diagnosis.

Within this intimate collegiate setting, Roche hopes that the exchange of knowledge and opinions encouraged at IRIDS will help support new discoveries to overcome the challenges in the ever-changing ID field.


New Frontiers


IRIDS 2018 continues its boundary-pushing approach, with a focus on ‘New Frontiers in ID’. The scientific program will comprise 5 sessions and guide the audience on a new journey which challenges the way we prevent, diagnose and manage disease.

Additionally we will host 3 roundtable sessions and some other activities such as lab visit in Vienna and visits to Penzberg and Rotkreuz.

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Schedule and Sessions


Day 1, 24 September

  • Welcoming reception


Day 2, 25 September (3 Sessions)

  • Early warning strategies for emerging infections
  • Spread of emerging pathogens and impact on public health
  • When bugs meet bits and bytes (Keynote Session)


Day 3, 26 September (2 Sessions)

  • Impact of rapid microorganism identification and susceptibility methods in drug resistance control
  • Viral Hepatitis and HIV screening strategies


Roundtable Sessions and Topics


24 September, 16:00 - 18:00

  • HCV is curable - What is the best HCV testing algorithm to support HCV elimination programs?


26 September, 14:00 - 16:00

  • HIV diagnosis - What are the new challenges and how to address them?
  • Epidemic preparedness
IRIDS 2016

I think IRIDS says it all, it’s this incredibly international group, who are focused on infectious diseases, coming together to talk about some of the latest and greatest advances in the field. It’s been fantastic.


Dr Peter Small, Jim and Robin Herrnstein Chair, Founding Director, Global Health Institute, Stony Brook University, New York, USA.

IRIDS 2016

IRIDS 2016, took place in Madrid, Spain and welcomed around 300 delegates, both diagnostic and clinical infectious diseases specialists, from 30 countries across five continents. As in previous years, a world-class multidisciplinary faculty shared their thoughts and visions on the changing field of ID and the impact of state-of-the-art technologies on disease control and management.

They discussed numerous hot topics, including current global ID epidemiology, the challenges of infection control in an increasingly borderless world, and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative solutions to combat these challenges. They also reflected on the most prominent current global threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of improved surveillance to prevent the spread of such infections.