{ "ProductData": { "ID": "INS_2580", "ProductType": "Instrument", "BrandName": "BenchMark GX", "ProductNameAddition": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer1": "For in vitro diagnostic use.", "DisclaimerGroup1": "IVD", "RegulatoryDisclaimer2": "", "DisclaimerGroup2": null, "RegulatoryDisclaimer3": "", "SampleType": [ ], "LicenseDisclaimers": [ ], "RelatedLinks": "", "Clone": "", "ControlTissue": [ "" ], "ISOtypes": "", "Species": [ "" ], "StainLocalization": [ "" ], "ProductNameGlobal": "BenchMark GX" }, "ProductImageDetails": { "ImagePath": "https://pim-media.roche.com/Images/INS_2580_BenchMarkGX.jpg", "ImageType": "Image main" }, "Product2Taxonomy": { "Product2TaxonomyReferences": [ { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "1", "StructureSystemName": "GPCH", "StructureNodeStatus": "", "NodeName": "", "NodeID": "6151" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Analyzer Instruments and Systems", "NodeID": "10-000-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Family", "StructureSystemName": "Product Families", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "BenchMark", "NodeID": "080" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Lab_Type", "StructureSystemName": "Lab Types", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Pathology Lab", "NodeID": "080-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Solutions", "StructureSystemName": "Product Solutions", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Histopathology", "NodeID": "010" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Techniques", "StructureSystemName": "Techniques", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "", "NodeID": "999-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Applications", "StructureSystemName": "Applications", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Disease_Areas", "StructureSystemName": "Disease Areas", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Pathogens", "StructureSystemName": "Pathogens", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Health_Topics", "StructureSystemName": "Health Topics", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "", "NodeID": "99-00-00" } ] }, "Product2Materials": { "P2MaterialReferences": [ { "MaterialNum": "05894662001", "MaterialDescription": "VMS BENCHMARK GX STAINER (ASSY)", "RegisteredProductName": "BenchMark GX", "GTIN": "07613336140956", "ProductCategoryText": "Instruments", "OldMaterialNumber": "750-850", "PackSizePIM360": "Not Available", "PackSizeDescPIM360": "Not Available", "MaterialAnnotation": "", "ReadyForUse": "", "OrderInformation": "" } ] }, "Product2Products": { "Product2ProductReference": [ ] }, "ProductSpec": [ { "ProductSpecVariant": { "Chapters": [ { "Language": "en", "Value": "The BenchMark system is intended to automatically stain histological or cytological specimens on microscope slides with specific immunohistochemistry or in situ hybridization reagents for in vitro diagnostic use.
The system is intended to be run by trained laboratory personnel, such as histotechnologists and laboratory technicians, who are expert in histology processes and have basic computer operation skills. The system is intended to be installed in an anatomical laboratory environment, either clinical or research, and must be used in a manner consistent with industry practices for safety, security, regulatory, environmental, ergonomic, workflow and information technology.", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Intended Use", "Name": "Intended Use" } ] } } ] }

BenchMark GX IHC/ISH system

BenchMark GX offers a fully automated baking-through-staining solution with the added flexibility to run any assay side-by-side

IHC Stain Automation – BenchMark GX pathology lab instrument
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Benefits of automated staining
Quality, consistency and reproducibility of stains
  • Easier to read slides
  • Reduced variability
  • Reduced manual steps


Faster turnaround time
  • True same-day results with a higher throughput


Fewer manual steps
  • Eliminate up to 80% of the manual labor required
  • Free up personnel for other value-added tasks


Patient safety
  • Barcode accuracy helps ensure the right test for the right patient the first time
  • Elimination of dip and dunk process and floaters


Easily manage growing slide volumes and new complex tests
  • Modularity allows multiple instruments per PC if needed
  • Breadth of menu selection


BenchMark GX instrument benefits


Improve protocol flexibility and testing efficiency
  • Automate IHC, Dual/Triple IHC, ISH and FITC assays
  • Customize individual incubation times and temperatures for all 20 slides
  • Improve turnround times and reduce re-run rates with full automation


Achieve consistent, reproducible results
  • Standardize baking-through-counterstaining on a single platform
  • Uniform staining through independent slide heaters, liquid coverslip and air vortex mixing technologies
  • Rely on 25 years of proven experience and eight generations of automation


Deliver high medical value diagnostics
  • Access sensitive detection chemistries and a broad menu of ready-to-use assays
  • Proven oncology diagnostics and an innovative cervical cytology portfolio
  • Personalize healthcare with clinically validated companion diagnostic solutions
Dedicated customer service and technical support
  • Partner with a market leader for customer service and technical support in tissue diagnostics
  • Receive system level support and remote training from subject matter experts
  • Maintain peak laboratory operating performance with VENTANA CareGiver remote support
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