cobas® infinity POC solution

Centralizing decentralized patient care through innovation.

cobas infinity POC solution
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Key elements of cobas® infinity POC

Liat system and Screen
Enables maximum integration


This open software solution integrates with over 100 Point of Care devices (Roche and non-Roche) and with the hospital and laboratory information systems including HIS, LIS, HR, LMS and EMR systems.

HCP holding tablet
Enables work on the go


Now you have the freedom to move and be able to perform the tasks efficiently at every location.

Doctors with tablet
Supports continuous improvement


Go beyond compliance and centralize information to improve quality of care

Why should you choose cobas® infinity POC solutions as your data management system?
  • cobas® infinity POC is committed to the growth of digital transformation in Point of Care testing. 
  • The solution provides governance and digital integration with Roche and non-Roche devices.
  • The software ensures Data Privacy and security compliance.
  • It reduces the Point of Care Coordinator’s (POCC) burden of managing operator’s re-certification by integrating with the hospital’s LMS and staff systems to ensure automated up-to-date data.
  • The solution makes the POC results available in the wider healthcare information landscape.

Laboratory Managers and POCCs benefit from a customer led technology solution which is developed by design experts who have worked alongside POCCs and tailored the user interface to their workflows. In fact, usability is at the core of the design process. This software on the mobile and tablet empowers the POCCs by freeing them from their office and enabling mobility.

Product Features
  • Order & results matching
  • Quality Control management
  • Documentation of QC corrective and preventive actions
  • Device replacement and relocation
  • Check device status
  • Operator management
  • Training management
  • Improve POC management process and information flow
  • Centralize decentralized Point of Care traffic
  • Enhance quality control
  • Save time managing devices
  • Automate operator management
  • Proactively act on what’s important while on the go.
  • Reduce errors
  • Detect performance trends and drive improvements
  • Improve auditability of POC service

cobas® infinity POC solution comprises of: cobas infinity POC and cobas infinity POC Remote Access


cobas and cobas infinity are registered trademarks of Roche



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