Co-Filter Tips 1000 µL

MagNa Pure Co-Filter Tip 1000


The Co-Filter Tips 1000 μL are general laboratory use consumable pipette tips that can be utilized as an alternative option to the MagNA Pure Tip 1000 μL for the MagNA Pure 96 System and FLOW Solution. The tips are provided in tip trays of 96 pipette tips, and each tip contains a filter to prevent carryover by aerosols. The product has been tested on two sample types and protocols (see below) and is not compatible with the MagNA Pure 24 System.

  • Pathogen Universal 200 protocol: Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Viral NA Plasma ext lys SV protocol: Serum

Please continue to use the MagNA Pure Tip 1000 μL for any other MagNA Pure 96 protocols and sample types.


Registration status

For general laboratory use.

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Product specifications

  • Catalog number


  • Pack size

    40x96 tips

  • Shelf life

    12 months

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