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Three easy steps to rapid and reliable results

After only three simple steps and a hands-on time of less than a minute, you receive lab-quality results from your cobas® Liat® System for some of the most common infections.

The cobas® Liat® assay for PCR testing the patient sample.


Take a patient sample and add it to the cobas® Liat® System assay tube by using the provided transfer pipette. The cobas® Liat® assay tube is ready for use and contains all reagents that are required for testing a single sample.



Scan the barcode on the assay tube sleeve using the built-in barcode reader, then scan your patients sample ID. If you dont use a barcode system, you can type in the sample ID using the touchscreen´s keypad option.  

The assay is part of the automated PCR test.


Insert now the assay tube into the cobas® Liat® analyzer. The analyzer automatically begins to run the test. About 15 to 20 minutes later, the test is complete. Definitive results appear on the analyzer's screen. No interpretation or confirmation is required. 

Available Assays for the cobas® Liat® PCR System

The tests are intended for use as an aid in the differential diagnosis of Strep A, Influenza A/B, RSV and Cdiff in humans.

Four assays help in detecting Strep A, Influenza A/B, RSV, and Cdiff.
Learn how the cobas® Liat® System helps to control antibiotic prescribing.

Test before you treat
is doctor's and patient's appropriate course of action

Healthcare practitioners and patients get confident diagnoses with the cobas® Liat® System

Make way for precise diagnosis and optimal therapy – at the time of the patient visit

Instead of waiting up to five days for reliable test results, you are able now to define your patient´s infection within 20 minutes or less – and to find the optimum therapy option your patient can rely on.

Strep A, Influenza A/B, Influenza A/B & RSV and Cdiff are four of the most common bacterial and viral infections. These diseases come with overlapping symptoms, hampering your diagnostic efforts.

When there is a pressing need for a diagnosis and treatment decision, patients rely on you for answers. With the cobas® Liat® System you get rapid definitive results, so you can make the right treatment decision right away – no confirmation needed.

Conventional methods take too much time

Conventional testing methods support you defining the infection type and best therapy option – though having to wait up to five days for reliable results is unacceptable for your visiting patient that needs immediate help. Other testing methods are rapid, but not accurate, so confirmation is necessary.

Unnecessary prescription of antibiotics

As a result, you are not able to define an accurate diagnose and therefore no accurate therapy when there is a pressing need – which may result in an unnecessary prescription of antibiotics based on clinical suspicion.

Base your therapeutic decision on definitive rapid results

The cobas® Liat® PCR System supports your diagnostic and therapeutic efforts by delivering lab-quality, definitive results for Strep A, Influenza A/B, Influenza A/B & RSV and Cdiff in about 15 to 20 minutes – no further confirmation or interpretation needed.

Take charge of antibiotic prescribing

By this the cobas® Liat® system enables you to make optimal treatment decisions right away, at the point of care. This helps your patient to get the best treatment when it is needed most. Testing before treatment also supports you optimizing the use of antibiotics – and helps you to avoid prescribing antibiotics for conditions they cannot treat.  Read more about our Test Before You Treat here (integrating a link to „Test before You Treat“).

Learn how the cobas® Liat® System helps to control antibiotic prescribing.

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