COBAS® AmpliPrep Instrument

COBAS® AmpliPrep Instrument

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Automates sample preparation in preparation for amplification and detection.

Automates the sample preparation steps of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for analysis on the COBAS® TaqMan® Analyzers.

This instrument operates with robotic precision to dramatically reduce hands-on time and enhance user productivity. It can be used for diagnostic applications and for screening pools of blood donations in clinical laboratories.

This instrument is available as a standalone device, or as part of an automated blood screening system or fully automated diagnostic system.


  • Works in combination with the COBAS® TaqMan® 48 Analyzer or COBAS® TaqMan® Analyzer to automate sample preparation, amplification, and quantitation of RNA or DNA
  • Maximizes throughput, simplifies workflow
  • Sample processing unit minimizes cross contamination
  • Pipetting integrity check ensures correct pipetting of samples and reagents
    • Minimizes risk of incorrect results due to insufficient volumes
    • Clot detection reduces risk of incorrect results due to clotting or particles in the sample


  • Automates the sample extraction process
  • Bar coded reagents packaged in ready-to-use spill-proof cassettes with self-sealing caps for increased stability
  • Provides integrated automated sample preparation for qualitative and quantitative molecular diagnostics
  • Up to 72 samples and 4 different assays can be loaded onto the system at the same time
  • Fully automated sample extraction and PCR set up

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