cobas p 680 Instrument

Bringing pre-analytic automation to molecular testing

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Protecting the blood supply is a throughput challenge

Maintaining blood safety requires an enormous amount from blood banks and plasma fractionators. One major challenge is effectively identifying and screening large populations for new emerging pathogens, as well as controlling the spread of new and existing pathogens by testing at-risk populations.

Automated pooling and pipetting of blood donor samples

The cobas® 6800/8800 Systems bring absolute automation, unparalleled performance and unmatched flexibility to molecular laboratories. The cobas p 680 Instrument taps into the full potential of these powerful analyzers by reducing manual handling and increasing quality and safety.


The cobas p 680 Instrument automates blood sample pooling and pipetting for nucleic acid testing (NAT) and archiving. With a software interface designed to complement the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System, this pre-analytic system supports optimized workflow efficiency and full traceability.

Standardize blood screening workflows

  • Automate secondary-tube pooling and pipetting into aliquot plates for archiving
  • Utilizes Roche-standard 5-position racks and rack trays to help streamline workflow with our pre-analytic and analytic systems
  • Automated rack loading onto instrument once trays are deposited

Safeguard data across the entire workflow

  • Barcoded secondary tubes for end-to-end sample traceability
  • The error lane allows users to easily identify tubes with pipetting errors
  • Full integration into the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System software for seamless data transfer

Precise sample handling during pipetting

  • Total aspiration and dispense monitoring (TADM) for accurate sample transfer
  • Capacitive liquid level detection to prevent overflow and contamination
  • Compressed O-ring expansion (CO-RE) tip technology prevents contamination by aerosols

Flexibility for future growth

  • Connect up to 6 cobas p 680 instruments to the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System
  • Deck capacity for 500 tubes

Advanced diagnostic technology for donor screening

The donor screening menu on the cobas® 6800/8800 Systems includes the all required assays to maintain the safety of blood, blood and plasma products, organs and tissues.

The cobas p 680 Instrument dramatically reduces hands-on time and enhances user productivity, ensuring reliable results and aiding donor screening centers in the critical task of keeping blood supplies safe.

Registration status

CE-IVD, cleared for use with the cobas® 6800 System and cobas® 8800 System in the United States.

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