cobas® 4000 analyzer series

Freedom to realize your lab’s potential


The ideal solution for labs with a throughput of 25.000 to 250.000 tests per year or 50 to 250 samples per day.

Used in hospital labs, satellite labs, lab networks and private labs.
Can serve as a dedicated analyzer for certain parameters or panels.
Offers a comprehensive serum work area solution, which can process 98% or more of serum work area workloads.


  • Consolidation of 98 % or more of Serum Work Area workloads


  • Integrated safety features for results you can trust
  • Predictable turn-around time

Maximum uptime

  • Highly reliable system based on more than 35 years of experience
  • Superior support by Roche organizations worldwide

Take your lab to the next level

System is comprised of the cobas c 311 clinical chemistry and cobas e 411 immunoassay analyzers.

Labs running lower volumes of tests have the ability to expand operations for busier workloads. A broad selection of assays for both the clinical chemistry and immunoassay menus.

cobas c 311 analyser

cobas c 311 analyzer

  • Uses convenient cobas c reagent packs with liquid, easy to test reagent
  • Growing test menu with more than 90 reagents
  • 3 to 10 minute test duration times
  • Combined photometric and ISE throughput up to 300 tests/hour
  • Clot and liquid level detection
  • Ultrasonic mixing of reagents and samples minimized cross-contamination from carryover
  • Real-time, remote troubleshooting service and support through cobas e-services
  • Ability to run third-party reagents

cobas e 411 analyser

cobas e 411 analyzer 

Designed with smaller labs in mind

  • Up to 86 tests/hour
  • Clot and liquid level detection
  • System memory of up to 2,000 results (samples and QC) that can be downloaded to a USB drive
  • Automatic sample dilution upon request
  • Windows® XP-based control unit
  • Individual and cumulative QC
  • Pre-programmable calibrators and controls

Clinical Chemistry Instruments

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