Sysmex (4 series)

In Australia and New Zealand, Roche provides Sysmex hematology systems, through a distribution, sales and services agreement that has been in place since 1999. 

Sysmex offers a wide range of hematology solutions with a series of advanced clinical parameters.  These solutions not only enhance productivity and efficiency in the laboratories, but also provide valuable information to clinicians.  The Sysmex hematology instrumentation ranges from compact size Point-of-Care hematology analyzers to fully automated hematology analyzers including systemization equipped with slide preparation system and digital cell morphology.

XN-Series incorporates the silent design and offers flexibility for both routine and specialized testing in the hematology laboratory. The modular concept allows expandability, meeting the growing needs of the laboratory. Innovative technology which leads to reliable results in blood and body fluid testing. The XN-Series offers:

  • Customisable solution for every laboratory
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Comprehensive diagnostic decision making with extended diagnostic capabilities in advanced clinical parameters


  • Hourly throughput of up to 100 samples
  • Onboard decision rules with user-defined rerun/reflex capabilities
  • Customizable clinical applications to cater to variable clinical needs



  • Hourly capacity of 200 samples
  • Unique co-primarily solution
  • Automatic workload balancing between the 2 analyzers
  • Reagent sharing option is available


  • Integrated slide making and staining solution
  • Standardization of workflow



  • Broad capabilities catering to different clinical demands
  • Workflow optimizing configurations

XN-L Series is the latest compact fully-automated 6-part differential hematology analyzer by Sysmex. It is designed to meet today’s laboratory needs by providing enhanced clinical values that only XN-Series were previously able to provide, while improving operational efficiency in the laboratories.

XN-L Series is suitable for small to medium laboratories, emergency labs, satellite labs, speciality labs and laboratories opting for a backup system for XN-Series.


  • 6-part differential hematology analyzer utilizing Fluorescent Flow Cytometry method
  • Hourly throughput of up to 70 samples
  • Compact design with in-built IPU to fit easily to any laboratory bench or table
  • Easy-to-use user interface similar to XN-Series to support routine tasks

 XN-L Series is available in 3 models with different aspiration modes to cater for various customer requirements.


  • Open tube analysis 



  • Closed tube analysis


Sampler model with:

  • Continuous sample loading for a truly walk-away system
  • Integrated repeat, rerun, reflex rules for improved workflow 


The XP-300/XP-100 is a fully automated hematology analyzer with small footprint, suitable for any laboratory and ideal as a backup in medium to big hospital.

  • Accurate and reliable results up to 20 parameters (both in WB and PD mode)
  • Distinct Neutrophil population provides clinical screening for bacterial infection
  • Simple to operate with user friendly illustrated icons and colour touch screen
  • On-board storage capacity for up to 40,000* data including three histograms
  • Multi-language software available (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Korean)

* On board storage capacity for XP-100 is 35,000 data including three histogram



Designed for near patient testing and low sample volume laboratories, the pocH-100i is built on the proven technology of the Sysmex high-end hematology analyzers.

pocH-100i is the most compact 3-part differential hematology analyzer. It aspirates only 15 µL of whole blood sample for a full analysis. The pocH-100i is designed for near patient testing for any small healthcare site – including emergency rooms, physician office laboratories and primary care facilities.

  • Compact design and light weight
  • Easy operation with user friendly illustrated icons and color touch screen
  • Closed-tube sampling
  • Simple ’2-step’ operation to obtain test results
  • On board thermal printer