cobas IT 1000 solution

Bringing it all together for POC testing


The cobas POC IT solutions reduce complexity in POC testing significantly, and centralizes POC traffic-bringing it all together under control. Efficiency and compliance are provided from a single point of action.

We are committed to assist POC coordinators with powerful tools required to effectively manage POC testing, improve workflows and meet accreditation and regulatory requirements around the world. Innovative designs and concepts such as automated user certification help manage a large number of devices and device users efficiently, saving time while staying compliant.

The cobas POC IT solutions work seamlessly to bring all the POC information together to provide oversight over your POC testing program, provide you the insight required to ensure compliance and the long range view to plan for improvements and expansion in the future

The flexible connectivity solution for efficient management of your POC testing program

Helps improve workflow efficiency
Set wireless configuration settings for ACCU-CHEK® Inform II system
Upload and manage all reagent and QC materials
Upload QC and operator lockout settings

ADT interface to reduce medical errors
LIS and HIS connectivity with standard HL7 interfaces to transmit patient demographics
Flexible device configuration to manage device settings to specialized areas

Effective tools to help you track and manage regulatory compliance

Features to facilitate regulatory compliance
QC reports to track and maintain QC statistics, Levey-Jennings graphs and device linearity
Device lockouts to manage QC and operator compliance
Patient result flagging to manage and track results

Data to manage program effectiveness
User-friendly interface and customized functionality
Capability for data input on device or via workstation for manual test capture
Data exports available from all data grids

Coordinated user management :

  • A central point of control for all POC testing devices and users ensures result security.
  • Most efficient customizable online e-learning with automatic operator recertification saves a significant amount of time.

Innovative functionality :

  • Over a decade of collecting user input and workflows has resulted in a high level of innovation that are firsts on the market such as true wireless communication and observed competency on-board POC devices, as well as positive patient ID – ensuring patient safety

Local service and support :

  • Quick and easy access to Roche service personnel in your time zone and language.

Proven commitment :

  • The cobas® POC IT solutions are proven to perform in over 1,450 systems in > 50 countries with 70,000 connected devices.
  • Including over > 50 Roche and non-Roche POC devices – with a long-term commitment to enhancing value for patients and POC coordinators missing period.

cobas IT 1000 application gives you complete management of POC testing, including remote configuration and control of devices, user management and LIS/HIS interfacing from a single point of control

A central point of control for all POC testing devices and users ensures result security. Gives you complete management of POC testing from a single location with automated user management and LIS/HIS interface. It connects the full Roche POC portfolio including Accu-Chek Inform II, CoaguChek XS Plus and Pro, CoaguChek Pro II, cobas h 232, cobas b 101, Urisys 1100.