Our Presence in the Philippines

Innovative Diagnostics Provider in the Philippines Enabling Testing Efficiency & Medical Value

Since starting out operations in the Philippines more than 60 years ago, Roche has been improving the lives of our Filipino patients through both our life-saving medicines and innovative diagnostics solutions. 

Roche Diagnostics is a global supplier of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). Performed on blood, tissue or other patient samples, IVDs are a critical source of objective information for health and disease. Our instruments and reagents help support doctors diagnose diseases, select appropriate treatment and monitor patients’ responses to care.

In the Philippines, our Diagnostics Division has been serving our customers spanning the entire healthcare spectrum – from research institutions, hospitals and commercial laboratories to physicians and patients with conditions requiring them to perform self-testing, for more than 30 years, through our own sales team as well as distributor partners that enable us to reach more Filipino patients across the country.

We strive to deliver excellence in professional healthcare services and support with our dedicated team committed to transforming patients’ lives. We develop and provide innovative diagnostics and information solutions bringing significant benefits to patients and healthcare professionals – from early detection and prevention of diseases to diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

Roche Diagnostics Innovative Solutions

Centralised and Point-of-Care Solutions

We are the manufacturer and supplier of integrated cobas® branded solutions for blood serum testing with ready-to-use reagents to support clinical decision in a wide variety of indication fields for various diseases such as infectious diseases, oncology, virology, women’s health, inflammatory and diabetes.

Roche’s automated pre-analytical, post-analytical and cobas® Infinity laboratory solutions are integral to providing complete flexibility and process optimization for your laboratory. Our innovative and comprehensive test portfolio meets demands for workflow consolidation while also addressing previously unmet medical needs for high quality results, combined with proven workflow convenience.1

In addition, our  decentralized testing solutions which include clinical chemistry, cardiac biomarkers, cardiometabolic tests,  blood gas & electrolytes, connected blood glucose, and professional coagulation help laboratories make a greater impact on patient care by extending both quality and control to the Point-of-Care.

Other diagnostics discipline includes cobas® urinalysis solutions combined with Combur-Test® strip technology provides customized solutions unique to your requirements.


Molecular Diagnostics

Pioneer in developing and commercializing advanced diagnostics and blood screening platforms based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology providing solutions for indication areas such as hepatitis, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), transplantation, blood transfusion, women’s health, oncology, genomics and microbiology.


Tissue Diagnostics

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., a member of the Roche Group, is one of the global supplier and innovator of tissue-based cancer diagnostics that enable the delivery of the Personalized Healthcare to cancer patients. Ventana offers premier digital pathology and workflow solutions specially designed to improve laboratory efficiency and protect patient safety.2

Note: Some products and services may not be available currently in the Philippines pending local registration. Please refer any product inquiries through our Contact Us page.

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