cobas u 411 urine analyser

Consolidated result management

The cobas u 411 semi-automated urine analyzer is designed for workloads of approximately 30 –100 samples per day. When connected to the optional barcode reader and sediment terminal, this analyzer optimizes work and data flow.

cobas u 411 urine analyser

Fast and efficient workflow

  • Single print-out for strip and microscopic information simplifies documentation processes and improves overview of patient records
  • Convenient, fast and efficient processing
  • User-friendly software for customized operation and reporting

Ensure reliable results

  • Eliminates retesting and false-negative results in glucose and blood even under high levels of ascorbic acid (up to 400 mg/L) with the application of an iodate-impregnated mesh layer

Safe and Hygienic handling of strips

  • Unique sealing technology means no interference from glued components
  • Strips face downwards so your fingers stay clear of the specimen
  • Workloads: 30 – 100 samples per day
  • Throughput: 600 tests/hour
  • Continuous loading of test strips without requiring a measurement cycle
    – optional barcode reader simplifies manual work steps
  • Entry of tracking information including user identification and lot numbers for test strips, calibration strips and control material

Consolidated analysis :
Parallel working on the cobas u 411 analyzer and its connected sediment terminal as a result of a consolidated work and data flow for strip analysis and microscopy. Easier documentation and improved overview of patient records with single print-out for strip and microscopic information.