Transforming healthcare delivery through digital solutions

Lab professionals and healthcare organizations face ever-increasing pressure to manage more samples, deliver the highest-quality results - fast - and increase profitability.

Global healthcare costs continue to rise with spending projected to increase from approximately USD $8.45 trillion in 2018 to USD $10 trillion by 2022.1 Labs are expected to do more with less, increase efficiencies and productivity while also navigating a constantly changing landscape of regulations and data protection and privacy laws.

Diagnostics play a leading role in both disease prevention and management and influence approximately two-thirds of all clinical decision-making, despite accounting for only about 2% of total healthcare spending.2

Roche understands the value of the clinical laboratory within the broader healthcare ecosystem and through digitalization is committed to developing innovative solutions to help labs and clinicians meet the needs of today and the future.


With digitalization, the lab has an opportunity to provide value in healthcare beyond the diagnostic sample result. Working in partnership, Roche can help labs manage their data for insights to better inform patient and operational decision-making.

Youssef Khayali
Head of Integrated Diagnostics & Healthcare Solutions, Roche Diagnostics


While new technology brings far-reaching opportunities, equipment is another opportunity for sustainable gains: Redesigning the lab and aligning work processes can boost lab performance. Roche is harnessing the power of data analytics and workflow integration to gain insights to revolutionize the current healthcare standard.

Roche provides personalised consultancy from the first assessment through implementation and beyond. Labs can help improve patient care with more efficient management of data - both operational and clinical - and turn that data into actionable insights for fact-based decision-making for clinicians and patients. 

Partnering to optimize patient care

Leveraging meaningful data to individualize patient treatment


A virtual explosion of complex, ever-expanding medical, disease-specific, and scientific data presents a profound opportunity to improve patient care decisions and healthcare organizations around the world. This data, properly harnessed, can inform personalized healthcare decisions while also realizing operational efficiences. See below for some examples of how Roche is using vast amounts of data to improve patient care.

Roche is actively developing data-driven (or cloud-based) software solutions such as the NAVIFY® Decision Support portfolio that streamlines workflow and data management to support timely, individualised treatment decisions. Another example is the Digital Pathology portfolio featuring the latest in bright field scanner technology and pathologist-trained, AI-powered image analysis algorithms that quickly calculate and score slide images.

Read more about these two examples below.

Roche Digital Pathology Solution
Digital Pathology Solution


Combining innovative hardware, software and uPath image analysis algorithms, working in harmony with the full Roche pathology portfolio for an end-to-end experience.

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Partnering to optimize patient care

The scale of the digital healthcare transformation requires new approaches to analytics, data standardization and digital applications. New partnerships are a key strategy to ensure we are moving toward a more value-based, personalised patient-care world - where insights and actions are driven by data, thus, equipping care teams to make the best decisions possible. 


Personalised healthcare in the digital era will extend beyond the current benefits of individualized treatment, making digital solutions a key pillar of our ongoing strategy. Combining the creativity and agility from startups with the strength and innovation of Roche will help us address some of the biggest challenges in diagnostics and ultimately enable better decision-making while improving patient outcomes.


Thomas Schinecker
CEO, Roche Diagnostics


With more than 100 digital technology and data initiatives already underway, Roche is working with innovative companies in the data, analytics and software fields to simplify and streamline clinical and laboratory workflow processes and to improve patient healthcare delivery. Our recent acquisitions of Flatiron and Foundation Medicine are also helping us further accelerate our vision for personalised healthcare. 

Roche Diagnostics will continue to explore new approaches with startup companies. Recently, working with Plug and Play, the largest health innovation platform in Munich, Germany, Roche joined a health-focused innovation program - "Startup Creasphere." This program aims to create a hub of health innovation in Europe, where forward-thinking corporations and disruptive startups can meet to pilot solutions and services, drive investments, learn and share experiences and facilitate international expansion.

Through ongoing partnerships, Roche is helping change the way healthcare is delivered to patients by addressing some of the major healthcare challenges faced today. Facilitating high-quality, integrated diagnostic tests in collaboration with digital partners, Roche is helping enhance healthcare delivery to patients around the world. 




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