AVENIO Millisect System

Automated microdissection

The AVENIO Millisect System is an automated, high-performance tissue dissection system that enables precise and consistent recovery of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue areas of interest for molecular pathology. The system is optimized to fit easily into a variety of clinical workflow configurations, improves diagnostic testing results by reducing false negatives, and can help you efficiently extract more clinically relevant information from every sample.



  • Optimize tumor yield and minimize contamination with precise tissue dissection (1)
  • Maximize actionable tumor information and reduce false negative results (1,2)
  • Improve laboratory workflow by ensuring sample acquisition is efficient, consistent (3) and traceable.
System highlights

Digital annotation

  • Allows definition of multiple Areas of Interest (AOIs) on a single slide, without limits on geometry
  • Digitally-assisted alignment to reference slide for up to 4 serial slides
  • Intuitive software interface to guide user annotations


Automated milling

  • Faster process with fewer steps and no pre-staining
  • Precise milling displaces tissue AOIs as small as 250 μm using a rotating action
  • Automated consumable loading, filling and unloading


Gentle recovery

  • Hands-free process minimizes potential for contamination
  • Capillary action used to lift and recover AOIs after milling
  • No risk of burning or losing sample with gentle, non-laser dissection


Comprehensive reporting

  • Electronic report file, including images, annotations and notes, exportable as a PDF
  • Pre-and post-dissection image capture
  • Barcode scanning for improved traceability


AVENIO, VANTAGE and MILLISECT are trademarks of Roche.

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AVENIO millisect precision dissection


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