cobas® pure integrated solutions - coming soon*

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cobas® pure integrated solutions:

Simplicity meets excellence


Today more than ever, the importance of accurate and timely diagnostics is clearly understood. 

To support you in achieving this, Roche has continuously developed innovative diagnostic integrated solutions renowned for quality and excellence. 

cobas® pure integrated solutions will be the newest member of the cobas family of systems, designed to deliver excellence, while at the same time simplifying your daily work.

Built on the latest technology, cobas® pure integrated solutions combines clinical chemistry, immunoassay and ISEdiagnostic testing on a footprint of just 2 square meters to achieve your low to mid volume testing needs.

cobas® pure integrated solutions are still in development, not approved by any regulatory authority and not commercially available. Contact the local Roche Diagnostics representatives to enquire on expected availability timeline for your country.

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Your time


Reducing hands-on time for the operators

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Your space


Offering access to a broad assay menu on a footprint of just 2 m2

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Your team


Enabling reliable and simplified daily operation

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Your future


Pioneering lab solutions and delivering greater medical value

cobas pure integrated solutions front view

Designed to meet the needs of various lab settings

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Main analyzer in an independent / satellite lab

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Dedicated analyzer for specific test panels

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Emergency analyzer

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Backup analyzer to cobas® pro integrated solutions

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cobas® pro integrated solutions

cobas® pro integrated solutions

Experience an unprecedented level of simplicity with a scalable and modular solution to achieve your mid to high volume clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing needs.


ISE: ion selective electrode



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