Hong Kong

Roche Diagnostics Hong Kong

Present since 1988 | Market leader in in vitro diagnostics

From 2018 – 2019

Provided training to 280 healthcare professionals | HDK $440,000+ spent to strengthen healthcare capacity through medical education and outreach | Two-thirds of the leadership team comprises of women

The Healthcare Landscape in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s population of 7.5 million are covered by Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in exchange for a small fee. Hong Kong is facing a rapidly ageing population and low birth rates, with one-third of the population projected to be over 65 by 2044. These trends, combined with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, raise concerns on the long-term sustainability of the healthcare system.

Our contribution to Sustainability

  • Delivering patient-centric innovation:  To promote continued innovation in the industry, we facilitated knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals. Since 1997, our “Meet the Scientists” Award have promoted collaboration between members of the Hong Kong Society of Clinical Chemistry. 
  • Access to healthcare and diagnostics: In Hong Kong, we focused on addressing the unique local barriers – healthcare capacity, screening and early diagnosis, and sustainable funding solutions.
    • Strengthening healthcare capacity: Through our third bi-annual Medical Laboratory Professionals Week in 2019, we connected with 3,200 laboratory professionals, while fostering a stronger sense of community and purpose. 
    • The value of diagnostics: In 2017, we launched project TEAL, a multi-stakeholder program in partnership with Christian Action, Karen Leung Foundation and Central Health Medical Practice with additional support from the University of Hong Kong to eradicate cervical cancer. Project TEAL provided women from underserved communities with access to Pap tests along with our human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA tests. To date, this project has benefited more than 300 women between the ages of 30 and 60.
    • Sustainable funding solutions: We worked with clinicians across specialities to generate local evidence which aid the resource bidding process for better care. 
  • Fostering a great workplace:  We invested over HKD 990,000 in the IMPACT Leadership Development Program in July 2020, impacting more than 100 employees and encouraging our leadership team and employees to adopt new mindsets, best practices at work and a patient-centric approach.
  • Supporting communities: Every year, our employees dedicate their time and skills to raise funds for the Children’s Heart Foundation through our Roche Children’s Walk initiative.
  • Minimising our environmental footprint: In 2018, we organised a hiking trail clean-up to encourage environmental protection as part of our internal wellbeing initiative, Live Well.