Celebrate Life’s Flashes in Time


Our employees share personal memories through photography.

March 31, 2022

It’s easy to get bogged down with the world, work or life’s challenges. Still, small moments can serve as a reminder of how a simple flash in time, captured on film or phone, can bring us all joy. Joy is central to the celebration of Roche’s 125 years – 125 years of delivering ways to diagnose better, prevent and treat diseases, and improve the lives of the people we serve. This is possible through the curious minds of our colleagues, who are constantly reinventing themselves to ensure further innovation. 

Curious minds are creative minds, and there’s no better way to showcase that creativity than by hosting a virtual exhibition inviting our colleagues to celebrate life moments through photography. We introduced Roche 125: Celebrate Moments, Celebrate Life, a show made possible through a decade-plus partnership with the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance. SAACA works with us side-by-side on the successful intersection of the arts and business integration. 

We grouped the Roche 125: Celebrate Moments, Celebrate Life show into four categories: Quiet Contentment, Active Moments, Up Close and Personal, and Frozen in Time.

Small moments can bring us all joy. Something that started at the Tissue Diagnostics site in Tucson expanded to several of our U.S. Diagnostics sites during COVID-19 – and this year expanded to all of them. Enjoy the Roche 125: Celebrate Moments, Celebrate Life show and remember to vote for your favorite piece in each category

Header image: "Soaking Up Sunsets - Sounds of quiet waves as the sun sets and my kids embrace each other." – Andre Zamorano, Tucson, Arizona