Suketu’s Story: From Intern to Leader

Suketu’s Story: From Intern to Leader

When looking to begin his career, this Roche employee found a group where he could be himself.

May 24, 2022


Think back to a time when things were unknown. When you have your whole life ahead of you, and you got to decide your next move.

In fall 2018, Suketu Patel had the world at his fingertips. Looking for his first internship with his computer engineering major from Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, he had a variety of fields he could choose from. 

“I wanted a role where I can merge my love for computers with my desire to help make a difference,” Patel said. 

He started in Roche Diabetes Care as a global complaint handling intern, analyzing data and looking for trends to help improve products for customers. During those 10 weeks, he learned, networked and volunteered. Suketu was able to participate in the first-ever Indyfluence event, featuring 430 interns from around the state completing 10 community service projects. 


From Intern to Accelerated Development Program Associate 

When it came time to look for his first full-time role post-graduation, Suketu thought about Roche. 

During his internship, he learned about Roche Indy’s Accelerated Development Program (ADP). It’s a two-year rotational program designed for recent college graduates. Associates in the program gain valuable career experience, as they work in multiple business areas. They build their confidence, expand their network and learn more about their individual skills and interests – and how they can makes an impact.

“I like our mission and I like knowing my work here at Roche makes an impact.”


Starting a New Role During the Pandemic 

Most college seniors are excited to start their new life post-graduation. But for 2020 graduates, the experience was far different from most, and Suketu was no exception. 

While starting his new journey as an ADP associate in inside sales, he quickly learned the importance of diagnostics: “My dad was hospitalized for COVID-19, and while there, we found out that he's prediabetic.” Once his father recovered from COVID-19, Suketu took the knowledge he learned from Roche Diabetes Care and applied it to his dad. “We began to work out together and created a healthier lifestyle,” he said. During his six-month checkup, his father found he was no longer prediabetic. 

Being a part of Roche’s ADP 2020 cohort, Suketu became a member of the Asian American Pacific Islander business resource group (AAPI+ BRG). “The AAPI+ BRG has given me another place to find a community where I can be creative and express my ideas freely and meet new people, so it means a lot to me," he said.

Two years later, he is more involved in the AAPI+ group by becoming its communications leader, and Suketu has a new role as an associate workflow consultant in the Roche Support Network. His position allows him to merge his computer engineering degree and work with customers to ensure they are most efficient with their time. 


Impact on AAPI+ BRG

“BRGs are a great way to connect with people you may never connect with during your day-to-day work, and it just helps your mind do something different, whether it be to plan an event or go out and volunteer with them,” Suketu said. “It always makes you feel better.” 

For Suketu, the AAPI+ group transitioned from being solely about networking to becoming his Roche family. Hear from other members to learn the importance of being a part of the AAPI+ group.