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One of the world’s leaders in INR testing for more than 20 years

From INR meters to around-the-clock technical support, you and your patients will find everything needed to make point-of-care INR testing and self-testing simple, safe and convenient with CoaguChek products, CoaguChek Patient Services and CoaguChek Link.

The CoaguChek system is the only solution on the market that uses a single-strip platform and the same testing technology for professional-use and patient-use meters. That means you can count on CoaguChek meters for consistent results anytime, or anywhere, whether testing in a healthcare setting or at home. What’s more, we offer a range of testing solutions designed to fit a variety of needs.  

Roche is your trusted partner for CoaguChek point-of-care anticoagulation monitoring and INR self-testing.

products and solutions

Different patients have different needs. That’s why we offer a range of testing and reporting solutions, so you and your patients can find the right fit.


Point-of-care testing
products and solutions

Ensure accurate results in multiple test settings with CoaguChek systems.

CoaguChek Patient Services is covered by most private insurance or Medicare. 

(Coverage may vary based on a patient's conditions and other factors. See Billing Reimbursement for more information.) 


Live technical support is available 24/7. 


1. Bluetooth connectivity requires a smartphone or tablet. Minimum specifications required. Call 1-800-780-0675 for a list of supported devices and operating systems.