cobas e-Library CDs

cobas e-Library CDs are published quarterly for the following analyzers:


  • cobas c 311 analyzer
  • cobas c 501 analyzer
  • cobas c 502 analyzer
  • cobas c 701 analyzer
  • cobas c 702 analyzer
  • cobas e 601 analyzer
  • cobas e 602 analyzer
If your analyzer's cobas link is connected to the Roche network, you do not need to load this CD. Please contact the Roche Support Network Customer Support Center at 1-800-428-2336 for additional information or assistance.

In the future, Roche will continue to notify customers of the availability of updated cobas e-library CDs, but will not include a CD in the mailing envelope. If your laboratory requires a CD, please use the form to the right to sign up to receive CDs for your analyzer(s). This is a one-time procedure for requesting future e-library CDs.