ASM Microbe 2019

Transform your molecular testing experience

June 20-24, 2019
San Francisco, California


Visit Roche during ASM Microbe 2019 in booth 827 to see how you can consolidate testing with the cobas® 6800 or cobas® 4800 systems. Also on display will be the MagNa Pure 24 instrument, cobas® Liat PCR system and the new cobas® vivoDx system*** will be introduced.

*** The cobas vivoDx system is not available for use in the United States.
Currently under FDA review, pending De Novo authorization.

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Roche Indy Contact:
Michelle Brackney, Product Manager

Industry & Science Showcase
North Theater, 
Saturday June 22, 2019
Noon – 12:45, Lunch provided
Understanding Mycoplasma genitalium:
Epidemiology and Clinical Significance
William Geisler, MD, M.P.H
Professor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Division of Infectious Diseases

Described as an emerging issue in CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Treatment Guidelines, Mycoplasma genitalium infection is an increasingly common STI that is often misunderstood. This presentation will offer insights into the epidemiology and clinical significance of Mycoplasma genitalium and strategies for managing this challenging infection.


Specific topics to be covered include:

  • Pathogen overview and history
  • Epidemiology of infection
  • Health consequences
  • Diagnostic strategies
  • Infection management



A new way to work, a new way to think
The cobas® 6800 and 8800 Systems
The future of molecular testing is here

The cobas® 6800/8800 systems are not mere instruments—they’re strategies for molecular leadership in the new age of healthcare. Through unprecedented automation, they reduce operating time and labor to a fraction of what it once was. These systems offer transformative value, empowering your laboratory to deliver clinical and operational excellence.

US-IVD Assays
  • cobas® CT/NG
  • cobas® CMV
  • cobas® HCV
  • cobas® HBV
  • cobas® HIV-1
  • cobas® TV/MG
Assays in Development
  • cobas® BKV **
  • cobas® EBV **
  • cobas® HPV *
  • cobas® HIV1/HIV2 *
Lab Developed Tests
  • cobas® omni Utility Channel

* Product is not available for use in the US. A PMA submission is pending approval.

** Currently in development. Product is not available in the US.



cobas® 4800 System
Innovation made simple  

Break free from the constraints of one-by-one testing. The cobas® 4800 streamlines high-volume Microbiology testing.

Reliably automates nucleic acid purification, PCR set-up and system performance—including reporting—to provide true walkaway automation for maximum lab efficiency.

The cobas® 4800 system improves laboratory efficiency across a diverse testing menu.

Infectious Disease Menu
  • cobas® CT/NG v2.0 Test
  • cobas® Cdiff Test
  • cobas® HPV Test
  • cobas® HSV 1 and 2 Test
  • cobas® MRSA/SA Test
Oncology testing with
the cobas® z 480 analyzer
  • cobas® BRAF Mutation Test
  • cobas® EGFR v2 Mutation Test
  • cobas® KRAS Mutation Test
  • cobas® Factor II and Factor V Test




The MagNA Pure 24 System
Simple purification, confidence from automation  
  • Benchtop clinical sample extractor system
  • Extraction of 1-24 samples
  • Primary sample handling



cobas® Liat PCR System
The ONLY real-time PCR system that's CLIA-waived for Influenza A/B, Influenza A/B & RSV, and Strep A in 20 minutes or less.*  

The cobas® Liat® System is a next-generation real-time PCR system designed for on-demand STAT testing, enabling use at satellite locations within your institution. The system includes a small benchtop analyzer safeguarded by an extensive array of instrument controls, and assay tubes tailor-made for specific targets. 

The cobas® Liat® System automates the entire testing process, from sample prep to amplification to real-time detection. 

Definitive, objective PCR results that can be understood at a glance are generated — and verified by an internal process control — in 20 minutes or less.*


510(k) clearance and CLIA waived for Influenza A/B, Influenza A/B & RSV, and Strep A 

*Test time depending on assay.