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In an environment where laboratories are facing increasing pressure to diminish costs while delivering high-quality service, reliable products and a trusted partner are not just a convenience - they are critical to maximizing your lab's success and upholding the standard of care to which you aspire.

Roche Diagnostics recently received FDA clearance for cobas® pro integrated solutions, the newest generation of Roche clinical chemistry and immunochemistry analyzers. Offering you an exclusive preview, we cordially invite you to join us for an educational webinar on cobas® pro integrated solutions, where you will learn how your lab can reach a new level of simplicity while optimizing lab operations.

This informational webinar will feature a 15-minute presentation, live demonstration and dedicated Q & A session. Register today to reserve your spot!    

Monday, September 30th @ 12pm ET 
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Wednesday, October 2nd @ 3pm ET 
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Thursday, October 3rd @ 1pm ET 
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