NAVIFY® decision support

The start of something exceptional

The best clinical decisions are the most informed ones. The NAVIFY® Decision Support portfolio is a fully integrated collection of scalable, secure workflow solutions and apps designed to empower clinical care teams.

Streamline and standardize clinical decision processes, address evolving expectations, and change how care is delivered with data-driven insights. 

Compliant, secure, dependable

The safety of healthcare data is of paramount importance. NAVIFY runs on a secure, cloud-based platform that meets and exceeds leading cybersecurity standards to keep relevant data accessible and safe.

The NAVIFY portfolio is designed to operate in compliance with privacy laws in the US and EU, meeting local, regional and country-specific privacy and security regulations.

  • Aligns with HIPAA principles
  • ISO 27001 and HITRUST certified infrastructure
  • Extensive penetration testing by security experts

NAVIFY aggregates information from external sources and does not own or house personally identifiable data (PID) to ensure proper handling of sensitive information. 

Bringing insights to life

The support clinical teams need, the care patients expect.

Roche Digital Diagnostics enhances healthcare by harnessing the power of data.

As a core solution within this portfolio, NAVIFY follows four guiding principles to improve healthcare decision-making and help clinical teams do more with less.

Transforming treatment today and tomorrow

Modular and scalable, NAVIFY can enhance decision-making across a range of specific disease areas. The first application focuses on optimizing tumor boards; additional specialized solutions are in development and will be launching soon. 

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