cobas p 512 and cobas p 612 pre-analytical systems

Adapting to today’s needs. Flexible for tomorrow’s demand.

cobas p 512 and cobas p 612 pre-analytical systems
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The optimal answer to face emerging challenges in laboratory operations, allowing for:

  • Upgradable to connected automation
  • Easy to add functionalities
  • Comprehensive inspection of sample quality
  • Increased productivity in the same footprint




High productivity without compromising space and safety:

  • Throughput up to 1.400 tubes/hour


Quality comes first


cobas p 512 and cobas p 612 systems perform a comprehensive inspection of samples at an early stage, optimizing the lab workflow and enabling the best use of time and resources, including:

  • Tube type identification
  • Liquid level detection
  • Spin status detection, which identifies whether blood samples have been centrifuged or not 
  • Sample quality check, which enables detection of normal, hemolytic, lipemic and icteric samples



  • Adapts to the lab’s sample handling needs
  • A solution that is compatible with all lab disciplines
  • Sorting areas adapted to your workflow to stay flexible
  • Single point of entry and bulk loading of tubes for convenient sample loading
  • Long walk-away time
cobas p 512 pre-analytical system

cobas p 512 pre-analytical system

cobas p 612 pre-analytical system

cobas p 612 includes aliquoting and barcode labelling of secondary tubes 



Technical Documents

cobas p 512 and cobas p 612 Technical Specifications

Throughput cobas p 512: Up to 1,400 primary tubes per hour (with sorting and archiving) 
cobas p 612: Up to 1,400 primary tubes per hour1 (with aliquoting, sorting and archiving)
Secondary Tube Sarstedt secondary tube 13x75 mm 
Sarstedt false bottom 13x75mm 
Greiner Bio-One false bottom 16mm twin tube
Dimensions cobas p 512: W approx. 6.2 ft x D (with touch screen) approx. 5.2 ft x H (incl. signal lamp) approx. 6.9 ft 
cobas p 612: W approx. 10.4 ft x D (with touch screen) approx. 6.1 ft x H (incl. signal lamp) approx. 6.5 ft
Weight cobas p 512: approx. 1,918 lbs including centrifuge 
cobas p 612: approx. 2,425 lbs
Power cobas p 512: 115 V, 60 Hz, 4950 VA 
cobas p 612: 115 V, 60 Hz, 1800 VA
Centrifuge One centrifuge – Hettice Rotanta 46 RSC Robotic
Throughput of p 471 centrifuge
Up to 495 tubes/hr. with 5 min. spin
Sample Tube cobas p 512: Accepts most 3, 5, 7 or 10 ml plastic tubes with an external tube diameter between 11.5 and 15.5 mm and a total height between 65.5 and 108 mm 
cobas p 612: Accepts most 3, 5, 7 or 10 ml plastic tubes 
Both systems are able to open sample tubes with hemogard, rubber stopper or screw cap type closure
Sample Carrier RD Hitachi MPA Racks (5 position)
Supports a variety of third party rack options
Aliquot Tips cobas p 612: Use of disposable pipette tips for secondary tube generation: 1100 μl volume conductive or 1000 μl volume non-conductive (depending on the selected camera) 
384 tips on board in 4 tip racks
Operating Conditions For indoor use up to 2000 m above sea level
Operating Temperature +15°C to +30°C (+59°F to +86°F)
Air Conditions 20–80% relative humidity
Compressed Air D\Dry and oil free, min 6.0 bar (87.02 psi), max 8.0 bar (116.03 psi) 
Consumption approx. 40.0 l (10.6 gals) per min 
Consumption approx. 66.0 l (17.4 gals) per min with recap unit
Sample Identification Positive sample identification via bar code; able to handle most of the standard bar code formats such as Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Codabar (NW 7), Code 128, others2
Interface ASTM protocol 
Network connection via TCP/IP or serial connection via RS 232
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