Chemstrip® Micral Test Strips

Chemstrip® Micral Test Strips

Fast and easy microalbuminuria dip-and-read test you can perform in 
one minute, right in your office and with proven accuracy

Now it’s easy to eliminate the hassles of traditional lab-based microalbuminuria (MAU) testing. CLIA-waived Chemstrip Micral urine test strips from Roche Diagnostics offer a fast, accurate, semi-quantitative test to help you identify patients at risk so you can intervene more effectively.

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*Microalbuminuria is defined as 20-200 mg/L albumin in urine 1

1. National Kidney Foundation: Kidney disease outcomes quality initiative clinical practice guidelines for chronic kidney disease: evaluation, classification and stratification. Am J Kid Dis 2007; 49 Suppl 2: S14-S18.





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