Roche uPath Image Analysis Algorithms

Introducing uPath Image Analysis Algorithms

Intelligent and insightful digital pathology image analysis algorithms that empower pathologists to confidently, accurately, and objectively assess whole tissue slide images.


Objective and accurate assessment of scanned slide images that are objective and reproducible.


Quick, one-click image analysis seamlessly integrated into Roche uPath enterprise software.* 

Ready to Use

Fully trained and validated by expert pathologists on trusted Roche Tissue Diagostics biomarkers.

image analysis
uPath PD-L1 (SP263) image analysis for NSCLC* features
  • Pathologist trained artificial intelligence:
    Resulting in objective and reproducible scoring of VENTANA DP 200* slide images stained with a trusted Roche IHC assay

  • Leveraging uPath* software:
    Seamlessly integrated into the Roche uPath enterprise software* case management workflow to enable quick, one-click analysis of whole tissue slide images

  • One-click whole slide analysis (WSA):
    Quickly calculates PD-L1 (SP263) tumor cell staining positivity for user-defined regions of interest (ROI)

  • Clear visual overlay:
    Highlighting positively and negatively stained tumor cells for easy reference




Roche uPath Image Analysis Algorithms* are part of a complete solution:
complete solution

For more information about the Roche Digital Pathology portfolio, contact your local Roche representative. 


*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.