Viewics Analytics

What if personalized insights delivered a broader impact?

Currently, 70% of medical decisions are influenced by laboratory test results.1

The healthcare market is changing, and everyone is being asked to do more with less. Viewics is an end-to-end analytics platform that connects data across healthcare enterprises to generate important patient, operational, and financial insights that drive more informed decision-making.

Designed to make big data meaningful, Viewics enables healthcare organizations to better understand specific areas of their business—from operations to patient care.

The platform extracts data from disparate sources and unites them to form a complete, integrated picture.    

Bringing insights to life

Part of the Roche Digital Diagnostics portfolio, Viewics Analytics generates actionable insights that impact operational effectiveness, patient & practice insights, and financial performance.

Packaged workflow solutions and convenient collaboration tools allow Viewics to streamline decision-making, while interactive dashboards create an intuitive user experience.    


1. The Journal of Applied Laboratory Science. Frequency that laboratory Tests Influence Medical Decisions. Published December 2016. site: (accessed 2-21-2019)