VIEWICS Dx Optimization

What if sustainable testing meant more consistent care?    

Inappropriate or unnecessary test ordering can raise costs and, ultimately, affect patient outcomes.

Launching an effective utilization management program requires reliable data and actionable insights. VIEWICS Dx Optimization™ employs advanced analytics to identify specific opportunities to streamline testing and minimize gaps in care.

Personalized analytics and rules highlight the key tests and physician metrics laboratories need to improve processes and performance. Fully interactive dashboards make it easy to identify outliers, compare providers, and share meaningful insights to promote collaboration and consensus among physicians. 

Refined testing to an exact science

Generate actionable insights and enable your staff    

Opportunities await within your processes

Software enables retrospective assessment of inappropriate test ordering:  Tests that should never have been ordered together, tests that were ordered more frequently than clinically indicated, obsolete tests, and expensive send-outs.

Analyze physician ordering patterns by diagnosis code to help insure that the right tests were being ordered for the right patient at the right time

Roche Digital Diagnostics        

VIEWICS Dx Optimization™ brings rich patient insights to the Roche Digital Diagnostics portfolio. This ecosystem of solutions reduces complexity, increases control, and allows healthcare professionals to do more with less, by elevating the value of their decisions.

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