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Viruses evolve, so have we

HIV-1, either from polymorphic1 or drug pressure2, continues to mutate; yet you can test with confidence, knowing that Roche will continue to improve testing and keep you a step ahead of this highly mutagenic virus.




Right Targets, Right Reasons


All tests are not created equal

  • Selective drug pressure on a drug target can cause underquantification for any single target assay. Potentially compromising treatment efficacy
  • Targeting two non-drug target regions improves genotype inclusivity, detects HIV-1 variants and potentially avoids under quantification
  • Amplification of a less ideal target region(s) might explain discrepancies observed in the literature
  • The Aptima HIV-1 Quant Assay has dual-target amplification and detection systems, targeting pol and LTR independently. The result reported by the system will be based on the primary system, pol, unless pol is not amplified. In these cases, the system will report the result from the secondary system, LTR.



HIV: Still Prevalent and Spreading


More than 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV8


Accurately quantify and detect HIV-1

The innovative cobas® HIV-1 dual-target assay enables accurate detection and quantification even in the presence of drug-induced mutations, driving better decisions for a positive impact on patients’ lives.


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cobas® 6800/8800 Systems Performance

  • Sample type

    EDTA plasma

  • Sample processing volume

    200 µL9

  • Analytical sensitivity (LoD by hit rate of ≥ 95%)

    500 µL: 13.2 copies/mL

  • Linear range

    500 µL: 20 copies/mL - 1.0 x 107/mL

  • Specificity

    100% (one-sided 95% confidence interval; 99.5%)

  • Genotypes detected

    HIV - 1M (A - D, F - H, CRF01_AE, CRF02_AG), HIV  - 1O, HIV - 1N


9. Roche cobas HIV-1 Package Insert (w/ Low Volume) (v3.0, pg. 13)

Intended use

Intended use


The cobas® HIV-1 is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification test for the quantitation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) in EDTA plasma of HIV-1-infected individuals using the automated cobas® 6800/8800 Systems for specimen processing, amplification and detection. The test can quantitate HIV-1 RNA over the range of 20-10,000,000 copies/mL (33 to 1.67 x 107 International Units/mL).

This test is intended for use in conjunction with clinical presentation and other laboratory markers for the clinical management of HIV-1 infected patients. The test can be used to assess patient prognosis by measuring the baseline HIV-1 level or to monitor the effects of antiretroviral therapy by measuring changes in HIV-1 RNA levels during the course of antiretroviral treatment.

The cobas® HIV-1 is not intended for use as a screening test for the presence of HIV-1 in donated blood or plasma or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection.