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Together, we can change the course of antibiotic resistance

The threat of drug-resistant bacteria continues to grow — and so does our commitment  to helping you combat this global issue. As a
leader in diagnostics for more than 50 years, we have made it our mission to innovate and advocate for better antibiotic stewardship. 

Discover how Roche can help you bring insights and innovative solutions to your institution’s antibiotic stewardship program.



Antibiotics are an important treatment option, but their misuse is causing devastating impact.


We’re committed to helping you advance your antibiotic stewardship efforts.

Our long-term strategy to help improve patient lives includes:

Substantial investments in numerous assays that help clinicians make more effective treatment decisions using antibiotics or antivirals

Educational support for healthcare providers so they can successfully comply with new regulatory mandates

A deep-seated commitment to promote and implement principles of good antibiotic stewardship

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Roche offers a broad portfolio of products which can enable better clinical decisions and therefore appropriate antibiotic use.
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cobas® Liat® PCR System

Treat common infections with confidence at the earliest possible convenience.


Elecsys® BRAHMS PCT Assay



cobas® MRSA/SA | Cdiff Tests

Identify and contain healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Accuracy and speed that 
support antibiotic stewardship

This CLIA-waived system is uniquely positioned to provide accurate, actionable results at the point of care. Whether results are positive or negative, you can confidently treat patients without the need to wait for confirmation.

✓ Influenza A/B
✓ Group A Strep

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Help determine if antibiotics are needed or if certain bacterial infections are resolving.

The Elecsys BRAHMS PCT solution aids in assessing the mortality risk of patients fighting sepsis and guiding antibiotic decision-making for patients with lower respiratory tract infections, like pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD and sepsis.5,6


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Timely and cost-effective molecular solutions for improved HAI management

The cobas MRSA/SA and Cdiff tests provide provide excellent performance and broad coverage to increase confidence in HAI testing. Run on the fully automated cobas 4800 system, these assays may help your institution control infections and costs.

✓ Decrease transmission
✓ Reduce antibiotic use over time

cobas® MRSA/SA Test

cobas® Cdiff Test



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