cobas s 201 system

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Powerful and modular NAT screening


Making NAT screening easy


The cobas s 201 system is a complete NAT solution supporting the central needs of blood screening labs, combining the efficiency and reliability of real-time PCR technology with modular automation and ready-to-use reagents.

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Flexible configurations that grow with you.


  • Streamlines lab workflow
  • Real-time PCR allows amplification and detection of RNA and DNA within hours
  • Supports simultaneous multiple assay processing
  • Accommodates integrated backup to maximize lab productivity
  • Flexible, mix-and-match scalability helps NAT labs work more efficiently


Powerful pooling and data management (PDM) software


  • Provides built-in redundancy, full system audit and data security
  • Supports various pool sizes or individual donation testing
  • Supports simultaneous pool creation to handle multiple assays
  • Provides multiple search and reporting options



Result integrity


  • Closed-tube format requires no user interaction after sample loading is completed
  • Reduces the risk of sample contamination
  • Software-guided workflow
  • Sample and reagent ID tracked throughout process


Advanced diagnostic technology for donor screening


The cobas s 201 uniquely addresses the challenges facing your lab in ensuring a safer blood supply. It affords flexibility and scalability, boosts operational efficiency and ensures result integrity.