Roche Inventory Solution

Inventory management made simple

Laboratories of all sizes face constant pressure to deliver timely, reliable results. Common inventory management challenges including stock outs, product expirations and time-consuming manual workflows affect the lab’s ability to meet demand. Inefficient tracking of product use can lead to unnecessary waste and expensive rush orders impacting productivity, profitability and output.

Roche Inventory Solution streamlines and simplifies inventory management to better the lab’s bottom line and let employees get back to the work that matters most.

Roche Inventory Solution

Designed with you in mind

Customer-validated to address real-world needs, this simple innovation streamlines processes to optimize inventory management, and add value.

Smarter workflows start here

The easy-to-use handheld scanner and intuitive Web-based platform combine to simplify management tasks so you can spend less time managing inventory and more time in the lab. 

  • Simplify routine tasks to allow laboratory staff to manage inventory faster and more efficiently
  • Streamlined product use, delivery processing, and overall inventory management to reduce errors
  • Uncover product usage patterns to optimize ordering and identify product locations
  • Experience 24/7 access to inventory insights for true transparency and more informed business decisions

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