Biomarkers of Mulit-Organ Dysfunction, Death, and Cardiovascular Impact of COVID-19


  • Dr. Mark Wurfel, Professor of Medicine, David J. Pierson, M.D. Professorship in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, University of Washington
  • Dr. Chris DeFilippi, Vice-Chairman of Academic Affairs, Inova Heart and Vascular Institute

Length: 57 minutes

Summary: Learn more about COVID-19 from an acute perspective looking at multi-organ dysfunction & death and the use of IL-6 along with a couple other biomarkers in the assessment of these patients. This webinar also explores the myocardial impact of COVID-19 and the use of troponin in the assessment of patients, as well as looking at recent research around evaluating for myocardial injury in long-haulers or COVID-19 patients that have recovered.