Medical & Scientific Affairs

Investigator-Initiated Study Support Program

The IIS program allows Roche Diagnostics to serve as a study supporter by providing Roche reagents and on occasion instrumentation, free-of-charge for studies involving Roche products. We may also provide funds for things such as IRB submission, data analysis, travel to meetings to present, and publications.

A fundamental principle of this program is that the proposed study is owned by the investigator and is of sufficient interest that the investigator would most likely undertake the study regardless of whether Roche Diagnostics provided any support. These are not clinical trials where Roche engages a lab to do something on our behalf, or product evaluations prior to making purchase decisions, or even validations undertaken after purchase. These are scientific studies conducted by a laboratory which are expected to result in peer-reviewed publications.

Each study is evaluated based on three basic criteria:

  1. Is the study novel and would the outcome advance the scientific knowledge about a specific test or disease?
  2. Does the study align with our strategy and medical plans?
  3. Do we have sufficient funds to support the study?

The IIS program is a scientific study program and is in no way influenced by whether an investigator might or might not adopt the test or purchase anything from Roche Diagnostics.

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