Digital pathology solution

Empowering precision diagnosis - paving the way for personalised care

Personalised healthcare starts with a precision diagnosis. Leveraging Roche’s 125 years’ history of fighting disease and pioneering scientific healthcare advancements, the Roche Digital Pathology solution empowers earlier diagnoses and better, more personalised healthcare.

Built by pathologists, for pathologists, the end-to-end Roche Digital Pathology solution focuses on maximising the pathologists' unique training, skills, and vision.

VENTANA® instrument slide scanners1 for whole slide imaging

High-quality digital pathology images start with a high-quality scan. 

VENTANA® instrument slide scanners offer colour management and built-in calibration, enabling consistent, reproducible images and a low rescan rate.


Roche uPath enterprise software digital pathology workflow1

Enhance the efficiency of your pathology laboratory workflow with connectivity and automation.

Seamlessly enable communication between pathologists and technicians so users can quickly access and engage with exactly the information they need.


Roche uPath enterprise software image analysis algorithms1

An intelligent and insightful digital pathology solution requires image analysis tools that empower pathologists to confidently and objectively assess whole tissue slide images.

Algorithms are embedded in the uPath enterprise software, offering the unique ease of use and efficiency of a fully integrated whole slide analysis solution.

Enhance patient care and maximise pathology workflow efficiency


The Roche Digital Pathology solution is an integrated solution that combines innovative slide scanners, software, and image analysis algorithms, working in integrated harmony with the full Roche diagnostic portfolio. 

Easier colleague collaboration for diagnosis1 and research
  • Collaborative features enable case sharing and remote diagnosis
  • Eliminate travel time for multisite and secondary opinions
  • Enhance clinical laboratory workflows, research and pathology education 
  • Allows access to specialists and distribution of care throughout geographies
Enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve patient care1
  • Roche Digital Pathology workflow efficiencies reduce turnaround time for pathologist review and diagnosis2
  • VENTANA® instrument slide scanners provide a larger field of view than microscopy, while uPath enterprise software supports simultaneous multi-slide viewing 
  • Roche uPath enterprise software image analysis algorithms reduce bias and misidentification through enhanced accuracy and quantification
  • Roche Digital Pathology is one part of a robust tissue diagnostics portfolio, that enables an end-to-end pathology workflow for enhanced efficiency and accuracy
Maximise efficiency at every step of the pathology workflow
  • VENTANA® instrument slide scanners support increased throughput and enable fast processing of high caseloads
  • Access a wide array of customisable pathology workflow tools, including annotation features and multi-slide view
  • Store data and case history in a central location
  • Image analysis algorithms are embedded directly into the pathology workflow software for easy, one-click analyses that generate objective and reproducible results with actionable information
  • The Roche Open Environment offers tools for laboratories to develop their own algorithms, fully embedded in the pathology workflow software
  • Support and education are available during implementation and on an ongoing basis to ensure users are proficient in the systems and generating results quickly
Reduce operational risks and generate return on investment
  • Mitigate the risk of slides being lost, mislabeled, or broken during physical transport and minimise the need for additional biopsies
  • Reduce operational costs of slide storage, slide transportation, data retrieval and pathologist travel
  • Scale whole-slide image storage as needed with scalable cloud and on-premise storage options
  • Adjust the number of uPath enterprise software users and algorithm analyses as your laboratory’s needs change
Expert support and security compliance
  • Benefit from expert Roche support to efficiently connect your laboratory with VENTANA® Connect software for an interoperable workflow. Secure data in a system with the latest in data privacy and cybersecurity features
  • Roche commits to building upon our robust security auditing and privacy certification with ongoing investment 
  • Access expert Roche personnel to support technical and educational needs for setup and day-to-day operations


  1. Registration Status: CE-IVD marked. In the United States;  For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US. Refer to the product-specific labeling for the regulatory status of scanners and/or algorithms. IVD products can be used for in-vitro diagnostic use. Research Use Only (RUO) products are for research use only and not for diagnostic procedures.
  2. Roche research study at a customer site. Intraoperative frozen section consultation by remote whole-slide imaging analysis – validation and comparison to robotic remote microscopy. Menter T, Nicolet S, Baumhoer D, et al. J Clin Pathol 2020;73:350–35

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