Roche 125 Year Exhibition

Every moment counts: big and small, messy or planned. Life is an accumulation of individual moments - surprising, emotional even dangerous. That’s what makes life so special and worth celebrating.

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To celebrate Roche’s 125 year anniversary and the moments that made us, Roche Australia held a “125 Years” evening celebration at our offices in North Ryde, NSW. We were honoured to host a range of Roche’s local industry, government and charity partners as well as international representatives, including members of the Swiss consulate. 


Groups were guided through our 125 year historical timeline by our General Managers, John Wright (Roche Diabetes Care), Allison Rossiter (Roche Diagnostics Australia), and Stuart Knight (Roche Pharmaceuticals) interspersed by a tour of our laboratories, each featuring dedicated presentations across areas including cardiology, dementia, infectious diseases and the future of healthcare.  

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‪The Modern Lab

The Modern Lab

After 125 years of innovation, we take a look at today’s state-of-the-art fully automated processors, which are the centrepiece of a modern integrated laboratory.

‪The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare

Join us on this journey into the future of healthcare in Australia including wearables, remote point of care devices, open platform software, and the overall digitisation of health.

‪Dementia - Alzheimer's Disease

Dementia – Alzheimer’s Disease

Imagine this: you or a loved one notices significant memory impairment. Could it be dementia?  Take a look at the history of Alzheimer's Disease and learn how quick and accurate diagnosis can give the best possible chance of a treatment that could slow or halt progress.

‪Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases impact every country, and Australia is no exception. Find out how Roche has supported Australia's fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases every step of the way, aiding clinical practice and improving the health of all.

‪Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

An estimated 2.5 million Australians have 1 or more conditions related to cardiovascular disease or diabetes and diabetes is the fastest-growing chronic condition in the country. Discover how Roche is pioneering better testing solutions to manage the cardiovascular disease and diabetic patient journey.

‪Advancing Healthcare

Partnerships to Advance Healthcare

We’re at a critical moment for healthcare. Despite extraordinary innovations in medicine and technology, they are often not available to Australian patients. We show how Roche is a leader, enabler and supporter for a future health care world we all seek.

The evening was one of dozens of Roche events globally, to “celebrate life” of this family-owned healthcare company in its fifth generation. After its foundation in 1896 in Basel Switzerland, Roche celebrates our science, culture and community and now employs over 100,000 people across more than 100 countries.


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