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Infectious Disease


Diagnosing disease, monitoring treatment, staying one step ahead.


From the laboratory to the point of care and beyond, trusted and flexible solutions keep you at the forefront of diagnostics excellence. 

The infectious disease landscape is ever-changing. Outbreaks, mutations, emerging pathogens, and growing resistances (e.g. to antibiotics) place significant pressures on healthcare professionals. However, today’s increasingly sophisticated diagnostic systems and assays are helping to provide relief and transform care. 

Quality and efficiency are the foundations of Roche’s diagnostic portfolios. With growing and accelerating demands for testing, flexibility has arisen as a third pillar on which to build patient-serving solutions. Across healthcare settings and disease categories, Roche innovations are enabling new strategies for combating existing diseases, while empowering faster reactions to emerging threats. 

Today, increased automation, testing consolidation, workflow standardisation and cross-disciplinary integration are opening new possibilities for diagnostics, along with a growing shift toward decentralised point-of-care testing. This enables a more agile delivery of life-changing information.

Christian Hawkins

Infectious Disease Area Lead


Christian Hawkins, BBiomedSc.


Christian is the Infectious Disease Area Lead for Roche Diagnostics Australia. His focus is the clinical and medical value of diagnostics and supporting their optimal use for patient benefit. Christian holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science from the University of Technology, Sydney, and has over 20 years' experience in the diagnosis and monitoring of Infectious Diseases. He leads Roche Diagnostics Australia's COVID-19 pandemic response, working closely with public health authorities and laboratories across the country to implement testing and manage critical supplies.


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Infectious Diseases

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Roche is deeply committed to supporting the global response to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Testing is a critical part and we are proud to contribute.

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