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Roche 125 Years
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Life is our purpose and the core of everything we do at Roche. Each day, our bold science, breakthrough medicines, and innovative diagnostic solutions improve the lives of countless people worldwide. This is our 125-year legacy. It is also our promise for the future.

On our 125-year anniversary, we see every reason to celebrate. Because life is about celebration – whether creating new memories that resonate for years or pausing to reflect on the small precious moments of our past.

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We’ve had 125 years to figure out what really matters and make sure it defines who we are. Innovation needs people of different cultures, ethnicities, personalities, and scientific disciplines. Diverse thinking is what unlocks new ideas.

We are fostering creativity and diverse scientific thinking to bring forward novel solutions for people and society.

Every moment is part of this precious gift called life. It’s what’s driven us for 125 years, and what will continue to drive us for the next 125.

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After 125 years, Roche now employs over 100,000 people across more than 100 countries, who are contributing to doing now what patients need next.

Roche’s global community stretches across all five continents, a tribute to Roche’s true multinational character reflected through its employees around the world that have made Roche what it is today.

We are leaving a positive impact on our communities and our planet. Our 125-year legacy of sustainability is a story that continues to be written. Learn how Roche employees are working towards a better future.

125 years of Roche

As we progress through 2022, Roche Diagnostics Australia will mark this incredible milestone by hosting exciting industry events.


Roche LifeTalk is just one example of the exciting new content planned throughout the year. Subscribe now to be alerted of upcoming historical videos, artistic celebrations and the telling the stories of dozens of incredible people that have helped form Roche and transform the global healthcare industry.


Learn how you can participate in live and virtual activities. Let’s create some new moments together!

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