cobas p 501 / p 701 post-analytical units

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas p 501 / p 701 post-analytical units
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Efficiency, simplicity and security for the modern laboratory


Workflow efficiency


  • Accelerated workflow with automated disposing of samples 
  • Connected to cobas® 8100 or cobas® connection modules: direct sample feeding via transportation line into cobas p 501 and cobas p 701 post-analytical units for archiving 


Reduced complexity


  • Reduction of manual interventions and single tube handling 
  • Reduction of labor intensive steps




  • Streamlined and standardized processes with one archive area 
  • Automated delivery of samples for add-on testing 


Control and security


  • Complete sample and data traceability
  • Reduce risk of biohazard exposure
  • Continuous control of storage conditions and specimen integrity 
cobas p 501 and cobas p 701 post-analytical units


Ordering Information

Technical Documents

Product specifications

  • Basic specifications

    Retrieval of samples within three minutes after ordering Identification of primary sample tubes

    Automated storage, disposal and retrieval of sample tubes

    Selective recapping of tubes for storage

    Selective decapping of tubes for retrieval

  • Storage throughput

    up to 760 tubes/hour 


  • Retrieval throughput

    up to 70 tubes/hour (retrieval, without influence on storage throughput)

  • Easy access to samples

    Anytime due to the walk-in refrigerator area

  • Storage capacity

    cobas p 501: 13,500 tubes
    cobas p 701: 27,000 tubes 

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