cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series

One tube, one touch – fully automated urine workflow

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series
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Fully automated urine work area on a modular platform

The cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series is a fully automated urine work area that can handle up to 240 samples per hour and therefore is intended to fulfill the needs of high throughput laboratories. Due to its modular design the cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series can be used as a stand-alone strip analyzer, a stand-alone microscopy analyzer or together as a fully automated urine work area.

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Stand-alone urine analyzer or fully automated urine work area


Both the cobas u 601 urine analyzer and the cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer can be upgraded on site to a urine work area with automated sample transportation through the entire system with up to 116 samples per hour.

cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer
Fully automated urine microscopy system


cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer improves the gold standard2 (manual microscopy) in urine microscopy by standardization and automation of all manual steps, removing operator variability and significantly reducing operator intervention while increasing efficiency.1

cobas u 601 urine analyzer
Fully automated urine strip system


cobas u 601 urine analyzer automates all manual steps and provides high quality results by proven unique reagent strip technology based on more than 50 years of experience in urine strip analysis and innovation and minimizing operator intervention while providing confidence in results.3

Fully automated urine work area solution

Automation of the gold standard2


Fully automated sediment microscopy standardizes all steps of the process and provides digital images into the result reporting for objective results.

Standardized automation of microscopy


cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer is the automation of manual microscopy in urinalysis - minimum operator intervention and improving turn around time (TAT). It standardizes all steps of the process and provides digital images of the microscopy examination for objective results. 15 digital images are taken from each sample.


Storage of digital images


Images can be stored for training purposes or later reference. If the results need manual validation, every operator can review the images on the cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series screen and reclassify the particles directly on the analyzer.


Excellent counting performance


Images are evaluated with a neural network based algorithm that learned from millions of images. A multicenter evaluation study indicated excellent correlation between cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer results and manual microscopy results performed by experienced operators.4 Involving 852 samples, a study showed that cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer “can be used for rapid screening for urinary tract infection (UTI) and can reduce the number of cultures required".5

Because the same strip technology is used across all Roche urinalysis solutions we make it easier to compare results across the entire laboratory network.

Reliable and confident strip results6


Proven test strip technology and performance with 50 years of experience combined with innovation enable the confidence in results.

Proven urine strip technology


  • 50 years of experience in urine diagnostics.
  • Using same proven urine strip technology on all Roche urinalysis systems and visual strips ensures comparable results for efficient back-up and network solution.7


Next generation technology for strip reading with digital images


  • Four different wavelengths (470 nm, 528 nm, 560 nm, 620 nm) are used to detect the intensity of the reaction color of the test pads to ensure accuracy.
  • cobas u 601 urine analyzer uses innovated reflectance technology and takes high resolution images of the strip pads through a built-in camera chip in the photometer. Images are evaluated by the system. This innovated technology can differentiate intact RBCs and lysed RBCs. The counting capacity of intact RBCs is up to 50 RBC/μL.6 Errors like dust, a bent strip, or low urine sample volumes are identified and presented with the flagging information to help the operator find the root cause easily.
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Consolidation of urine work area


Urine work area design provides a full parameter menu of test strip and urine sedimentation. Showing test strip and urine sedimentation results on a single screen allows convenient validation and result comparison.

True modularity


  • With flexible modularity concept, the cobas u 601 urine analyzer and cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer can be used as a standalone system or can be combined to a cobas® 6500 urine work area.


Gain productivity


  • Urine work area design provides full parameter menu of strip testing and urine sedimentation.


Convenience in validation


  • It is convenient for validation by comparing the strip testing results and urine sediment results side by side on a single screen.
  • With zoom function and enabling grid on the images, the operator can discover more details of the particles and compare the sizes easily.
  • When particle reclassification is needed, the operator can simply reclassify the particles on the images directly on the analyzer, and the system will automatically recalculate results.

Roche is able to connect cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series with a complete test profile, including urine strip and sediment testing in a fully automated lab workflow solution.

Workflow optimization


Optimized workflows significantly reduces operator intervention, improves cost, staff and time management, and increases the efficiency and productivity in urine testing.1

Efficient cost management


  • Automated sieve testing – sediment test only if needed.


Reagent-free cassette concept


  • Significantly reduces operation intervention while ensuring high quality of results.
  • RFID labeled cassettes reduce operator intervention and ensure the correct transfer of lot specific information.


Assisted result management


  • Easy review process improves TAT and optimizes workflow.

Reduced and improved maintenance


  • Reagent-free operation, fully controlled reloading of test strips and consumables, clean operation and little intervention, saves time and improves efficiency.


Workflow efficiency


  • Loading and unloading of 75 samples on one tray with Roche 5-position racks that are standardized and interchangeable with other Roche SWA analyzers. Automatically starts operation after sample loadings.


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