Cervical cancer awareness month
The importance of cervical health awareness

Cervical Health starts here

Also on Cervical Cancer Awareness month, Roche Diagnostics Belgium helps you spread the word on cervical health!

Inform your GPs and Gynaecologists within your network, and therefore the patient, about Cervical Health Awareness Month using Roche Diagnostics information pack.

You can order the full package free of charge here: 

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Alzheimer's disease

The importance of early diagnosis in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment

Confirming a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is important and often a relief for the individual and their loved ones.  Receiving a diagnosis early enables patients to make changes to their diet and lifestyles which may slow the decline in their cognitive functions.1

Digital Diagnostics solutions

Roche Digital Diagnostics

Transforming disparate data into actionable insights for better clinical and business decision-making

Roche Diagnostics develops innovative products and services that address the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, screening and treatment of diseases

Discover Roche Molecular Work Area

Molecular Work Area

The future of healthcare is filled with uncertainty, making an efficient laboratory invaluable. What if labs could consolidate and automate more than 90%* of routine testing? The Molecular Work Area can elevate the value your laboratory delivers with automation, consolidation, integration, and standardization.

new cobas® 5800 System

cobas® 5800 System

Innovation made accessible

Based on Roche's Molecular Work Area concept, the cobas® 5800 System enables laboratories to transform their approach to molecular testing. This concept now comes in a compact size, delivering premium performance and value-added utility from a small footprint.

Next Generation Sequencing solutions

NGS Kapa HyperPETE workflow

KAPA HyperPETE Workflow

Get future ready today in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The KAPA HyperPETE Workflow provides all accessories and reagents needed for sample preparation, from DNA or RNA to the sequencer in a single-day workflow.

Roche Diagnostics COVID-19 tests

Roche Diagnostics corona tests

Reliable tests detecting COVID-19

In a nutshell

Discover Roche Diagnostics' COVID-19 tests portfolio: Laboratories - Point of care - PharmaciesSelf-testing

new cobas pure system

cobas® pure integrated solutions

The newest member of the cobas® family of systems

cobas® pure is the new system combining clinical chemistry, immunochemistry and ISE testing on a footprint of just 2sm, giving access to our broad menu of parameters – including many unique high medical value assays to labs who have to deal with limited space.

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Roche Diagnostics serves customers spanning the entire healthcare spectrum - from commercial laboratories, research institutions and hospitals to physicians and patients.

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