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Simplicity meets Excellence

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
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Simplicity meets Excellence

Today more than ever, the importance of accurate and timely diagnostics is clearly understood. The journey from blood collection to the final test result, however, requires the highest level of dedication, expertise and diligence of the laboratory staff.

To support you in this, Roche has developed innovative integrated solutions renowned for quality and excellence.

cobas® pure integrated solutions is the newest member of the cobas® family of systems which is designed to deliver excellence, while at the same time simplifying your daily work. cobas pure combines clinical chemistry, immunochemistry and ISE testing on a footprint of just 2 square meters, giving access to our broad menu of more than 230 parameters – including many high medical value assays to labs who have to deal with limited space.

To simplify daily operation, cobas pure comes with new features that minimize the hands on work for the operators, thus saving precious time.

To ensure simple and effective work for network organizations, cobas pure provides fully standardized results and operation to cobas® pro integrated solutions – Roche’s latest analyzer designed for larger labs.

Because simplifying any step of the journey can help deliver fast and accurate diagnosis.

cobas® pure integrated solutions - Simplicity meets Excellence
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Your time


Reducing hands-on time for the operators

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Your space


Offering access to a broad assay menu on a footprint of just 2 m2

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Your team


Enabling reliable and simplified daily operation

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Pioneering lab solutions and delivering greater medical value

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Empower your physicians to take action faster


Standards are being raised across health systems, as patient and physician satisfaction and fast clinical decision making are becoming more prominent quality metrics. Choosing an analyzer that supports short and predictable turnaround times at peak times is a key to meet these standards.

Get answers fast with short and predictable turnaround times.


cobas® pure integrated solutions is designed to support fast and predictable turnaround times across all assays.

93 % of Roche immunoassays have reaction time of 18 minutes or less, with STAT assays having just 9 min reaction time.2

To offer full transparency, cobas pure allows the operator to see the time to result per sample and per test as well as the time to last result on all ordered tests.

9 minutes

9 minutes

9 minutes

18 minutes

9 minutes

27 minutes

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Benefit from reduced system preparation and hands-on time

Free up staff time with reduced hands-on maintenance efforts


With cobas® pure integrated solutions, every effort has been made to reduce hands-on maintenance tasks to a minimum. The new and smart concept of self-operating maintenance executes maintenance tasks automatically in the background and reduces the manual burden of daily maintenance to 5 min.1

Save time and costs with cobas® AutoCal


The clinical chemistry module of cobas® pure integrated solutions comes with a significantly simplified calibration concept - automated calibration. With cobas® AutoCal, new reagent lots for the majority of clinical chemistry tests are calibrated automatically, without the need for manual calibration. This can lead to 56 % less calibration events, saving up to 105 hours of hands-on time yearly.*3


* For a common, daily routine workload, as compared to cobas® 6000 analyzer series (cobas c 501 module, cobas e 601 module) Mid Volume Commercial Lab

Consolidate clinical chemistry & immunochemistry on a single platform

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sample tube for all CC & IM tests to handle

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set of results to track

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platform to manage and to be trained on

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user interface to interact with

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manufacturer to partner with

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Increase productivity with our improved reagent carriers in clinical chemistry and immunochemistry

Ready to use reagents


cobas® pure integrated solutions uses the latest reagent generation from Roche - cobas e pack green and cobas c pack green. These reagents do not require any preparation, mixing, waiting or pre-opening. The operator can simply take them out of the fridge and load them directly onto the analyzer.

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No preparing

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No mixing

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No waiting

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No pre-opening

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Take out of the fridge

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Load onto the analyzer

Industry’s leading onboard stability


Using space intelligently is about achieving the highest output within the existing space. The average onboard stability for the immunochemistry reagents is 110 days, with 98 % of the assays having an onboard stability of 4 months. The average on board stability for clinical chemistry is 137 days, with 57 % of the reagents having an onboard stability of 6 months.5,6



  • Up to 4 months onboard stability
  • 3 times longer average onboard stability compared to previous generation systems
cobas e pack green

cobas e pack green

Clinical chemistry6


  • Up to 6 months onboard stability
  • 2 times longer average onboard stability compared to previous generation systems
cobas c pack green

cobas c pack green

Bring more confidence to your team with reliable and safe solutions


Unplanned downtime and lack of confidence in results are some of the most stressful things that can happen in the lab. They shift attention to time-consuming, hands-on workarounds or sample reruns which can affect staff morale and motivation.

Additionally, they pose risks to the quality of results and the lab’s reputation. cobas® pure integrated solutions is designed to deliver distinctive reliability through sound system architecture and confidence in the results through various safety features.

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99 % uptime7of our existing portfolio of  more than 75.000 analytical units globally

Safety of results1


Disposable AssayTips/AssayCups

cobas pure immunochemistry analytical unit utilizes single-use disposable AssayTips and AssayCups to completely eliminate the risk of sample carry over.


Carryover evasion program

The sample probes on the cobas pure clinical chemistry analytical unit are rinsed inside and outside with deionized water each time after dispensing a sample. Additionally, for applications that are sensitive to sample carryover, special wash can be programmed for an extra wash of reagent probes, sample probes and reaction cells with basic and acidic wash solutions.


Ultrasonic Mixing

The cobas pure clinical chemistry analytical unit features ultrasonic mixing for non-contact mixing of sample and reagent to eliminate the risk of carryover during this event.



cobas pure is designed to deliver the reliability that Roche is known for. With more than 75,000 analytical units globally, the cobas family of solutions demonstrates a distinctive uptime* of more than 99 %.7 Having a reliable analyzer means less interruption of services and less time spent on troubleshooting, thus higher productivity with more predictable turnaround times.


* Uptime: Percentage of the time when system is up and running vs. the time the system is not running due to unplanned incidents. Calculation:
(365 days/Mean time between repair visit) × (Mean time for repair visit + Travel Time)7

Lab staff looking at analyzer

Enable your team to work more efficiently through standardized solutions


Lab standardization enables you to do more work on fewer instruments, through consolidation of workflow, systems and reagents. Standardization also provides efficient and compatible solutions for network cooperation.

Essential benefits of standardization


Improved speed and accuracy of results

Same reagents and detection technology mean standardized reference ranges which improve the speed and accuracy of results.


Simplified training and staff allocation

Common user interfaces between our cobas® systems simplify training and allow for flexible staff allocation as healthcare centers are consolidating into larger integrated health networks.


Optimized patient management

Consistent results over time and across different locations enable optimized patient management.

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icon detection technology

detection technology

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user interfaces

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reference ranges

Focused innovation of our assay portfolio


Extending evidence base

Extending the evidence-base for existing assays through clinical studies to generate higher awareness and broader access to innovation.


New claims for existing assays

Generating new claims for existing assays for a wider range of application.


Discovery of new assays

Menu expansion in the areas of unmet medical needs to help clinicians improve outcomes for their patients.


Bring Personalized Healthcare to clinical practice

Supporting better patient care, contributing to health economics and empowering labs to play a greater role in medical decision making.

Medical value

Delivering greater
medical value

Commitment to exceptional assay quality


Advanced assay design
  • Outstanding precision across measuring range
  • High sensitivity in areas where it matters
  • Wider measuring ranges, fewer dilutions and repeats


Consistent, standardized results
  • Consistent patient results across all platforms
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency
  • Assays standardized against reference method


Designed for convenience
  • Short and predictable assay Turn Around Times
  • Low sample volume
  • No reagent preparation required

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