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Immunochemistry portfolio

Support better outcomes by delivering greater medical value with Roche's Elecsys® portfolio


Signs of profound and unprecedented change in healthcare surround us. Pressures are growing, and the ambition to deliver the best possible care, to all people, at a reasonable cost to society, are the key drivers for transformation.

In this environment, choosing the right solution and vendor to partner with is not a small undertaking – it is a choice that impacts your lab’s ability to fulfil performance and quality standards but also your ability to grow sustainable now and in the future.


At Roche we believe in the power of innovation to advance and improve diagnostics possibilities and accessibility – for a better future of the patients and your lab.


This is why we are committed to high investment in R&D – the highest in the life sciences industry and among the top 10 in any industry with two key objectives: to continue pioneering lab solutions and delivering greater medical value.

Our strategy to deliver medical value is through expanding our assay portfolio and commitment to best possible assay quality because accurate results support the most efficient and effective delivery of patient care.

Immunochemistry portfolio

Focused innovation of our assay portfolio


Menu expansion

Discovery of new assays in the areas of unmet medical needs to help clinicians improve outcomes for their patients.


New claims for existing assays

Generating new claims for existing assays for wider application.


Extending evidence base

Extending the evidence-base for existing assays through clinical studies to generate higher awareness and broader access to innovation.


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Commitment to exceptional assay quality


Advanced assay design

  • Outstanding precision across measuring range
  • High sensitivity in areas where it matters
  • Wider measuring ranges; fewer dilutions and repeats


Consistent, standardized results

  • Consistent patient results across all platforms
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency
  • Assays standardized against reference method or reference material


Designed for convenience

  • Short and predictable assay TAT
  • Low sample volume
  • No reagent preparation required
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