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Help her plan for her future family—today.

The cobas® immunoassay analyzers offer a broad menu of fertility assays and are fully automated for the speed, precision and reliability she demands. And now, with the Elecsys® AMH assay for the assessment of ovarian reserve, you can provide comprehensive laboratory results in as little as 18 minutes.


  • Expand your laboratory offerings with Roche’s comprehensive fertility marker portfolio
    - Easily incorporated into your routine daily workflow
    - A scalable, upgradable system platform that accommodates every office and laboratory size
  • Optimize and individualize personal treatment options with consistent, precise results, without sending samples to another lab  
  • Empower your patients with accurate, real-time information about their reproductive health  
  • Enhance the patient diagnostic experience
Find out how Roche can help you put your fertility patients on a path to motherhood. Call (800) 346-8606 (select option 2).
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