Digital pathology vision

Advanced end-to-end digital pathology solutions to enable better, more personalized healthcare

The Roche Digital Pathology mission is to double patient access to medical care through digitization and to deliver innovative, high quality AI applications for clinical diagnostic pathology that impact patient lives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications hold promise to improve patient outcomes through use in clinical diagnostic procedures performed by pathologists. With the increasing shortage of pathologists worldwide1, coupled with the increase in incidence of cancer and growing number of immunotherapies, there is a need to improve diagnostic efficiency and reduce complexity for pathologists. AI-based image analysis algorithms in pathology remove time-consuming tasks to support diagnostic efficiency and ensure an easier way of scoring through digital-assist solutions. AI applications in pathology allow pathologists to focus on tasks that matter most for optimal patient care.


What we know is treatment and diagnosis for cancer can actually vary... What we're doing is investing in artificial intelligence... as quality of diagnosis goes up, treatment and outcome for patients is improved.

Severin Schwan
CEO Roche

Our vision for digital pathology: true interoperability

Our vision is to make the tools you need available in one central environment for easy access to the latest in artificial intelligence and computational pathology from Roche and our partners. Our goal is to create an interoperable platform for pathologists to access these innovative tools, including our own expert-developed artificial intelligence solutions and the solutions of our external partners. Digital pathology is quickly evolving and requires an interoperable ecosystem that integrates with other data systems, tools and platforms. 

Roche is committed to investing in and shaping the future of pathology to improve patient outcomes. 

The Roche Digital Pathology solution

The Roche Digital Pathology solution is a powerful and reliable product suite for whole slide image scanning, clinical pathology diagnostic software, artificial-intelligence based image analysis and system integration. 

Roche Digital Pathology is dedicated to maintaining quality standards for solutions pathologists can trust. We believe that a digital pathology solution should include the latest in hardware, user-centric workflow software, and computational pathology tools, with the latest in cybersecurity technology to protect patient and user data. When you partner with Roche, you access a premier provider for digital pathology applications with expertise in artificial intelligence, pathology, and tissue diagnostics.

Hear what our partners say:

Roche uPath enterprise software has ensured quality services for our patients while maintaining an efficient turnaround time during the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Sangeeta Desai
Professor and Head, Pathology
Tata Memorial Centre

Our job as histotechnologists is to provide quality images pathologists can confidently base their diagnoses on. Roche Digital Pathology gives me the tools to do that. 

Michael Lam HT, (ASCP)
Laguna Hills Pathology Lab LLC Covenant Pathology Services

Quality solutions you can trust

Roche Digital Pathology solutions are built and robustly validated – from staining, scanning, to analysis – by pathologists as part of the end-to-end Roche tissue diagnostic ecosystem. The validation of Roche Digital Pathology solutions with Roche products removes variables in the development process and ensures reproducible and consistent results. Our development and validation approach provides our customers with confidence that quality whole slide images can be reliably assessed using our automated uPath enterprise software and image analysis algorithms.

Hear from our partners about their digital pathology journeys:

Roche has been instrumental in implementing digital pathology in our Pathology Department. Their support in the hardware set-up and maintenance is important as hospital engineers typically are not trained in this type of equipment. 

Dr. Belen Lloveras,
Chief of the Pathology Department
Hospital del Mar

Roche Digital Pathology helps us identify patients who can benefit from new immunotherapies. That's where Roche products definitely help us in precision diagnostics.

Mamatha Chivukula, MD, FASCP
Director of Immunohistochemistry Lab and Breast Pathology Services

  1. Digital Pathology Gives Rise to Computational Pathology by David West Jr.

uPath enterprise software is CE-IVD marked, in the US: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US.

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