Turbidimetry is Roche’s technology for homogeneous immunoassay detection

Excellence in homogeneous immunoassay technology

Integrate specific protein testing into your routine


The testing of specific proteins continues to be one of the key routines in laboratories due to their wide-ranging clinical utility. In the past, specific proteins were analyzed using a variety of specialized methods, such as radial immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis or using dedicated nephelometers. This incremental investment and the resulting additional costs, handling complexity and reductions in throughput were accepted due to the perceived benefits in performance offered by these methods.

Today, specific protein determinations are frequently carried out on consolidated, random-access clinical chemistry systems using turbidimetric technology. Routine efficiencies such as reduced turnaround times are thereby achieved for these parameters.

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Become pioneers of protein analysis with Roche cobas c systems.


Benefit from a single integrated platform built on over 50 years of scientific innovation, with the latest advancements in assay design and development.


Efficiency gains and cost savings


A crucial element of lab efficiency is menu breadth, it is usually the first consideration of labs who seek to consolidate more testing on fewer analyzers. With cobas c systems you benefit from high throughput without the associated cost of a dedicated instrument for protein assays.

Savings can be achieved through high result reliability, enabling consolidation, standardized solutions and workflow optimization so your staff can focus on the tasks that matter.

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Benefits for the entire continuum of care

Roche’s high quality reagents offer significant benefits beyond just clinical accuracy.  Accurate results can help to improve:

  • Patient quality of life through proper diagnosis and timely and appropriate treatment
  • Physician confidence in diagnosis and test ordering, ensuring timely results
  • Laboratory efficiency through high productivity and streamlined service

Roche is committed to helping to improve outcomes by delivering excellent reagents to help achieve these goals.

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Innovation for medical value

Roche continues to invest significantly in medical value to help clinicians and patients. Innovations include:  

  • New technologies for better performance, e.g. DuREL for the improvement of analytical sensitivity and extension of measuring range1
  • Generating new claims for existing assays for wider application, e.g. The "Aid in Diagnosis" claim for the Tina-quant® HbA1c Gen. 3 test2
  • Advancing assay design for accurate and reliable measurements, e.g. first and only method in the world to utilize the nmol/L unit of measure for Lp(a) instead of mg/dL for proper risk assessment of CVD risk with Tina-quant® Lipoprotein (a) Gen. 2 test3


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