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Donor Screening - Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT)

More than 60 million donations worldwide use NAT for donor screening today.

From launching the first NAT assays for blood screening, Roche has consistently remained in the forefront in keeping the blood supply safe through active surveillance of emerging infections and through rapid development of screening solutions.

Roche NAT instruments, assays and reagents have been developed using the gold standard real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR ) technology, a very sensitive and high-performing technology that detects DNA and RNA molecules of infectious agents such as HIV/HCV/HBV at an early stage of an infection. Easily integrated into pre- and post-analytic solutions they enable donor screening facilities to fully automate operations, boost throughput and achieve quicker turnaround times - leading to greater overall workflow efficiency.

Roche’s state-of-the-art NAT assays provide comprehensive genotype coverage and excellent sensitivity.  Together with analyzers that provide efficient workflows, deliver fast results and minimize loss of donated blood products, Roche’s leading molecular diagnostic solutions deliver predictable operational outcomes for laboratories and help reduce the risk of disease transmission and adverse health effects in patients. 

In an emergency situation, speed is everything

Roche partners with leaders in blood and plasma safety on active surveillance programs for emerging infectious diseases to ensure we are prepared when there is a need.

See how Roche rose to the challenge of developing a testing solution for the Zika virus when it was a public health emergency.


Comprehensive genotype coverage – ensuring reliable detection

High specificity - Less retesting and minimized loss in donations


Automated analyzers and workflow – reducing cross contamination and providing up to 8 hours walk-away time leading to overall workflow efficiency

Data management options – faster turnaround times

Reliability in results
Reliability in results

Proven real-time PCR technology – ensuring reliable results

Automated sample handling solutions and user-friendly interface – reduction in manual handling errors


Explore Roche NAT assays and analyzers for donor screening

NAT assays
  • cobas® TaqScreen MPX v2.0
  • cobas® TaqScreen WNV
  • cobas® TaqScreen DPX
  • cobas® MPX
  • cobas® WNV
  • cobas® DPX
  • cobas® HEV
  • cobas® CHIKV/DENV
  • cobas® Zika
  • cobas® Babesia


cobas 6800 system
cobas® 6800 System

Transform your IVD testing experience with 2 simple user interactions per run and up to 8 hours of walk-away time.

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cobas 8800
cobas® 8800 System

Transform your IVD testing experience with 2 simple user interactions per run and up to 8 hours of walk-away time.

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