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Urinalysis has always been an important diagnostic tool in medicine. Even today, urine is still a key health barometer for many diseases, mainly urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes.1 The analysis of urine can reveal serious diseases that show no symptoms in their early stages but are treatable.2 These diseases can cause severe damage if they remain undetected. Urine test strips are a crucial diagnostic tool and easy to use, yielding quick and reliable information on pathological changes in the urine. Their diagnostic significance lies primarily in first-line diagnosis, screening during routine or preventive examinations, and treatment monitoring.3

Today Roche offers a broad portfolio of urinalysis solutions for different customer needs. Drawing on our 50 years of experience in urinalysis, starting with the launch of the first Chemstrip® Test Strips, we have continuously improved strip technology for clinical and general practice. In response to customer needs for increased efficiency and safety, we have developed a range of analyzers with differing degrees of automation and throughput capabilities. By combining the proven Chemstrip® Test Strips technology4,5 with Roche automation, we offer customized urinalysis solutions for physician office laboratories, hospital point-of-care and central laboratory settings.

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